Where is the Alleged Contradiction?

Atheists love to point to Genesis chapters 1 and 2 and say the two creation accounts contradict.  They point out the creation events in chapter one do not align with the same events mentioned in chapter two.  How can these chapters be reconciled?    

As far as Genesis 1 & 2, I have read these chapters over 100 times and I have never seen them as contradicting each other.  Funny for thousands of years the early readers never saw a contradiction either.  Why is it in our century we somehow find a contradiction when no one for thousands of years discovered it?  This for me raises some red flags.  If the original readers didn’t see a contradiction, then it is doubtful there was one.  Genesis 1 is a brief chronological overview of the creation.  Genesis 2 the main focus is on mankind.  Why would the writer write two chronological accounts?  That would be a waste of time.  When the writer in chapter 2 speaks about the garden he is talking about a past event.  When he speaks about birds and animals he is talking about a past event.  If anyone wants to know the exact order of events in the past of plants, animals, man, etc. just read Genesis 1.  Otherwise Genesis 2:4b – 25, makes humans the focus of the account.  Genesis 2 also clarifies who was created first; Adam before Eve.  In Genesis 1 we just get a general time frame of when they were created; Genesis 2 gives us more details.  Where is the alleged contradiction?  I don’t see it!

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