What is Faith? Part 5 Faith that honors Christ

What have we learned about faith?  We honor God by…

  1. Growing in Knowledge: Biblical faith is reinforced by facts.   It does not believe in the unbelievable.
  2. Looking for Evidence: The Bible over and over again demonstrates true Biblical faith is supported by evidence.  “So that you may know” is a repeated phrase in both the Old and New Testaments, showing faith is based on knowing the truth.
  3. Demonstrating Action: Biblical faith will lead to action.  Hebrews chapter 11 is all about individuals who lived out their faith.
  4. By Trusting in His Son Jesus Christ:  Through the power of the Holy Spirit we become a lifelong follower of Jesus.

When my friend said it takes all the faith he could muster to believe the creation account in Genesis, I had to spend time with him discussing the true definition of faith. I told him it was a commitment to reality, to acting on what you have good reason to believe is true.  Science and the Bible properly interpreted do not contradict; they are compatible.  After a few minutes of discussion we were in total agreement and he felt relieved there were real answers to his concerns.  His faith was strengthened.

Let me finish by saying God is not honored by Blind faith.  Ignorance is never considered a spiritual discipline.  Here is an illustration to make my point.  Let’s say you are downtown in the city of Los Angeles with $10,000 and you give it to a complete stranger and ask him to deposit it in the bank.  He asks, “Why are you asking me to do this deed.  You don’t know me.”  You answer, “That’s okay, I have a simple faith in you and trust you will deposit the money.”  Then you leave.  What does this man think of you?  He thinks you are an idiot!  He feels no honor in your blind trust and has no good reason to think otherwise.

However, in a second circumstance you approach another stranger and ask him to deposit the $10,000.  And he asks, “Why are you asking me to do this deed.  You don’t know me.”  You answer, “I know more about you than you could fathom.  I have seen you from afar at work and seen what a hard worker you are.  I have talked to co-workers and found out how honest you are and a man of integrity.  No, I know you and I trust you.”  Do you think the second man feels honored?  Of course he does.  The first man thinks you’re a fool and the second man feels he has been honored by your trust.

What would you say to Jesus if He was to ask you why you trusted him?  Would you say, “Oh I have a simple faith and I trusted in you so I could escape hell.”  Do you think this would honor Jesus?  However, if your answer was, “I trusted in you because I have evidence that you were raised from the dead, that you loved me so much you died on the cross to pay for my sins, and that you are coming back.  You are worthy of my trust and the more I study about you the more my faith is reinforced you are worthy of praise and worship.”  Which faith honors Jesus?

Blind faith honors no one.  Biblical faith, where knowledge is supported by growing evidence, honors Jesus Christ.  As we see our faith matching reality we can confidently act upon that faith.  The disciples’ faith changed the world.  Upon a similar foundation of faith in Jesus we can do the same.

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