What about global warming?

Global warming seems to be a hot topic (no pun intended).  I just read the following article and thought it was worth posting.  I felt it was a balanced look at the issue from a Christian perspective.  It comes from the organization called Reasons to Believe and may spur some comments.

Read and enjoy: http://www.reasons.org/what-about-global-warming 

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  • Xavier January 20, 2011, 5:37 am

    Global warming has been occurring since the flood. Man is just looking at things through a sliver of time.

    God subjected the entire creation to frustration and decay. Not by it’s own choice, but by the will of Him –> Romans 8:18-27

    Scripture mentions that we have nothing to fear, God has made a covenant with the sun, moon and starts. They’ll continue to function until His return.

    But, as the article implies, we are to look after what’s been entrusted to us.

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