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I want to encourage you to access some new materials I have posted over the last few months and to look over older posts.

  1. Under the audio teachings I have a four part series on Unmasking the Deception of Islam.  The written materials I posted were delivered to classes at Emmanuel Faith Church in Escondido.
  2. Also new under the audio teachings is a four part series on Unmasking the Deception of Mormonism.  Again the written materials were taught at classes at Emmanuel Faith in Escondido.
  3. Site Map:  This is a handy tool to see all that I have written.  Under “Steve” you’ll see listed all my posts.  This summer I will work on providing links to make it easier to move through a series.
  4. Calendar:  Currently, it is blank because I took a break from teaching as I move towards retiring from my middle school teaching position this June.  I also wanted to write and plan new teachings.  I will be posting when and where I will be teaching at various churches.  This will be valuable for those individuals who live in San Diego County.
  5. Video:  Currently, I only have one video but plan to post more.  Retirement will give me additional time to shoot and edit videos on a variety of topics.
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