Part 24 Strategy 2 when sharing with Mormons

I am continuing to share 5 principles for sharing with the Mormons at our door.

2. Be Patient: Focus on sharing with people as a long term process.  Don’t close doors by condemning or mocking the person at your door.  I’ve talked with some Christians who are proud to tell the Mormons “You are going to hell,” and then close the door.  This type of encounter is not being an ambassador for Christ and is not supported by the Bible.

Think of your sharing Jesus as part of a team that is involved in moving someone towards accepting Christ; you don’t have to finish the job.  During a meeting judge when they’ve had enough and stop.  Each meeting you are moving the missionaries closer to the truth.  Just move slowly and demonstrate love.  No one should feel guilty if the person does not pray to receive Christ.  Someone else may have the privilege of leading the person to Christ.  We do our part and leave the final results to God.

  • Don’t overwhelm them with too much information

Focus on one main point each meeting.  One way to slow you down and not overwhelm is to ask questions. Let them share their story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  There is so much to learn about what they believe by listening and asking questions.  Remember to try to keep the relationship ongoing.

  • Do not tell them what they believe

Don’t assume they understand the doctrines of the LDS Church.  I’ve had to send missionaries back to their places of worship to get their doctrines straightened out.  Recently, I had missionaries who didn’t know their official church teaching is God the Father was once a man like us and then became the god of the earth.  Actually, these missionaries believed God is eternal and was never a man (aligns with Biblical Christianity).  This is not what Mormonism teaches.  I helped them with their Mormon doctrines so I could show how their belief contradicts the Bible.  Going back to their church and being corrected I hoped would cause some internal problems with their beliefs.

We hate when others tell us what we believe.  For example some people say, “You believe if you can work your way to heaven.”  That is not what Christianity teaches and it frustrates us when someone falsely tells us what we believe.  An example is to accuse the Mormon of believing Adam was God.  Most Mormons don’t know Brigham Young taught this doctrine.  Better to ask, “Do you believe Adam was God?”  When they say no, you can gently let them know this is what Brigham Young taught.  Is it normal to disagree with your prophets?

  • Work on issues of the heart and faith

Their belief is dependent on the accuracy of the Holy Spirit confirming in their hearts Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and the Book of Mormon is true.  Many Mormons struggle with the idea of faith being based on knowledge and evidence.  They want to point towards a leap of faith when it comes to spiritual issues.  You need to move them away from a belief based on their heart experience (how to do that part 16).  They think somehow evidence destroys faith.

A few days ago I told a Mormon “blind faith” or a “leap of faith” is what the Mormon Church wants you to hold.  The leaders know the evidence from multiple sources goes against the church and so they discount building a personal faith on evidence.  I told him Biblical faith is different; it is knowledge supported by evidence (Hebrews 11:1).  I said you need to follow where the evidence leads.  He said he didn’t want to do that, he had too much to lose.  He said if I was right he’d lose his family and he wasn’t willing to do that.  For him Mormonism worked pragmatically and looking at my blog was too risky for him and his family.  I told him this decision could have eternal consequences for him and his family.  He said he’d worry about eternity after he dies.

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