Part 14 Confronting missionaries with the truth

As I wrap up this section on analyzing Mormon doctrines I need to summarize some key points.

  • If a Mormon says he believes in the Trinity, ask him to define it.  Remember they are polytheists; they believe in many gods.
  • If a Mormon says he believes we are saved by grace through faith, ask him what he means.  Remember saved by grace means everyone will be resurrected.
  • If a Mormon says she believes in heaven, ask her what she means.  Remember they believe in multiple heavens, which require good works to move up levels before and after death.  They believe in second chances for all non-Mormons through baptism for the dead.

Over weeks I presented the doctrinal evidence against Mormonism to my missionary friends.  Finally, one of them said, “There are times when you have to throw out logic and reason and just believe we are right because of the burning in our bosoms.”  I asked them if their feelings could be wrong and they said no because it was from God.  I said how do you know it’s from God?  They said they just knew it.  I told them I couldn’t believe like that; to believe against the evidence was wrong, no matter what my feelings were telling me.  They left my house without the true Jesus.

A few weeks later, when I was out of town, one of the Mormons called my house and spoke to my wife.  He said they had been given new assignments late last night and had to leave by the morning.  He was just calling to let me know how much they appreciated our hospitality and my spending time to listen and show them respect.  They truly enjoyed the intellectual exchange of ideas.

The Bible says to test all truth and Mormon doctrine fails the test.  The Bible does not agree with Mormon beliefs.  Remember the Mormon is not the enemy, Satan is.  These are very sincere and convincing people whose church sounds so Christian.  I watched the LDS Lamb of God video I was given and it was good.  I have listened to their leaders speak at General Conference and many of these individuals make convincing and morally sound presentations.  I have to say, these talks sound very Christian and to the untrained ear, it is very easy to get fooled.

However, we must always remember that even though we are to love our Mormon friends and relatives, we must never forget how dangerous their teachings are; to accept them is to lose our soul to Satan and to spend eternity separated from the one true God.  We must warn those considering Mormonism.

I hope I’ve given you enough Biblical truth so you can share with your Christian friends and family to protect them from joining a group of nice people who are far from the truth.  Next series of posts I will look at practical ways to challenge and to answer Mormon teachings with Biblical truth.

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