Part 13 Mormonism’s false beliefs about heaven and hell

In the previous post I looked at what historic Christianity teaches concerning heaven and hell.  Heaven is an eternal celebration for believers in Jesus Christ and hell is eternal punishment for those who reject or worship a false Jesus.  Next I will explore…

  • What do Mormons believe about heaven and hell?

Mormons believe there are three levels of heaven.

1. Telestial kingdom: Lowest kingdom level where the wicked of the world will spend eternity.  They will be deprived of the presence of God the Father and His Son but will be ministered to by angels and the Holy Ghost.

2. Terrestial kingdom: Second level where honorable people will be, including “lukewarm” Mormons.  They will receive the presence of the Son but not the fullness of the Father.

3. Celestial kingdom: Consists of 3 different levels.   This is the place where God the Father dwells and is the goal of all sincere Mormons.  To gain the highest level, exaltation, one must keep all the commandments of the Lord.  Once this level is reached on earth, upon death, a person becomes a god.

Outer darkness (hell): Located outside the 3 “kingdoms.”  Reserved for Satan and his demons and the extremely wicked, including apostate Mormons.  This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to leave Mormonism.  Once a person leaves, he is taught he will dwell in outer darkness.  However, for some there will be a second chance after death.  Those that have not committed murder or are not an ex-Mormon, they will be given a second chance to move up a level and enter the Telestial kingdom.

One of the reasons missionaries will walk away from the house of a good Christian is they don’t worry about our eternal destiny.  Yes, they would love us to join their church and reach a higher heavenly level, but we’ll be okay in their eyes.  We will at least be at the Terrestial kingdom and will be in heaven with the Son of God.  We just will not experience the fullness of the Father.  So they can leave our home feeling they did their best to help us reach a higher level.

A second reason Mormons will easily walk away from our houses is because they believe you can become Mormon after death; you get a second chance.  This is why they have baptisms for the dead.  Only through a Mormon baptism can you be a true Mormon and this can happen by proxy; a Mormon can pray you into Mormonism.  This is why they create detailed genealogies.  They believe after death that not only can you become a Mormon, individuals can continue to progress upward to higher levels.  However, godhood can only be reached in this life on earth.  This second chance belief is counter to what the Bible teaches.  After death there is no second chance.  Hebrews 9:27 And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment…” All Mormons will be in for a major surprise after death when they realize Joseph Smith deceived them and they don’t get a second chance.

Mormonism’s false views of heaven and hell can have eternal consequences.  If they walk away from the Jesus of the Bible, when they die, they will encounter the horrors of hell; they will spend eternity away from the presence of the Triune God.  This should motivate us to have both passion and compassion for our Mormon friends and relatives.

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