Part 2 How do People Choose a Worldview?

Part one of this series we looked at the definition of a worldview; that it is a set of beliefs we have about the most important issues in life.I also pointed out problems with having a faulty worldview. Part 2 I would like to examine how many people choose a worldview.In my discussion I will use the words worldview and religion interchangeably.A religious belief can be a worldview (i.e. Christian Worldview).

Talking with individuals, it seems most people choose a worldview by what they like.This is especially true with religious beliefs.Many people are attracted to the Mormon faith because of the clean outer image and the focus on the family.Others may like the religious traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and desire to worship there and the set of beliefs.

Others may be attracted to a certain worldview because of a lifestyle.Individuals who are homosexual or believe the homosexual lifestyle to be natural and normal will find a religion that is very tolerant and may even promote homosexuality.I sense many in the entertainment business in Hollywood find religions/worldviews that don’t restrict their sexual lifestyles.These individuals want to continue living and enjoying sex with multiple partners, while still maintaining some sort of spiritual beliefs.

Another attraction is strong beliefs.A follower of Darwinian evolution may find the atheist worldview to be fit his or her beliefs the best.If you sense God is present and part of all creation you may moved towards a pantheistic belief (pan = all; theist = god).Many new age followers are pantheistic; god is all and all is god.

What I seldom hear from people, is the worldview true?This question doesn’t seem important.They don’t see the connection between truth and belief.Part 3 I will try to answer the questions, 1) is it important to know if a worldview is true, and 2) how could anyone know?

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