Sharing with Knowledge & Wisdom Part 3

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Col. 4:2-6

So based on what Paul is challenging us to do, I am going to give you some ideas I hope will help you learn to share with wisdom. First…

We need to spend time with non-Christians.

•   For many Christians, who don’t have non-Christian friends, this is a difficult step. Here are some ideas of possible places to form friendship relationships: Work, neighborhood, hobby groups, service groups, coffee shops, and Toastmasters. It is possible to make short term friends on airplanes, during bus rides, taxis, restaurants, or any place you can strike up a conversation.

•   My best spiritual conversations happen during extended periods of time. Without spending extended time with non-Christians, sharing about Christ is unlikely.  Second…

We need to learn how to get into a spiritual conversation.

•   Go fishing by dropping hints. You can start by asking people good questions. Listen to what they say and you may find a clear path to discuss a spiritual topic. Be friendly and doors will open even if you are not looking for a sharing opportunity. You can also drop natural hints by telling others about the religious books you are reading, asking about religious symbols the person may be wearing, asking for what books they like to read or bringing up current topics that can transition easily to a spiritual conversation.

•   It helps to be current on a wide variety of topics so you can converse with anyone. If you don’t know much about their area of interest then ask questions. People love to talk about themselves.

•   Ask questions on a personal level. It is hard to turn a surface conversation to Jesus; you have to get beyond talking about the weather. I remember one plane flight I sat next to a college student. I asked questions about school, about life in general and soon realized I would never be able to transition to an important spiritual conversation. I then asked her about her family. I found out she was visiting her dad who was divorced from her mother. I asked if this was hard and she began to unload. By asking a personal question, I was able to share how Jesus could restore hope to her troubled world. We talked about Jesus for over an hour.

These are just two keys to opening doors towards sharing your faith with wisdom. We also need to grow in our knowledge to give them answers they need.

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