Part 8 Basic door to door Watchtower evangelism strategies

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Whenever I do a presentation on the Watchtower Organization I regularly ask how many have been visited at your home by Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Almost the entire audience raises their hand.  Part of the commitment to being a Witness is to agree to go out and preach to others what they understand as the truth.  As an organization they spend 1,707,094,710 hours each year visiting people at their homes.

I have spent hours sharing with these individuals at my door.  I have learned valuable insights and strategies for dealing with the Witness at your door.


  1. Work in pairs – They always come to your door in pairs.  Many instances they come with a rookie in training and a veteran standing behind.  This is their strategy to train younger witnesses and to have two minds against one.   On one occasion I invited two Jehovah’s Witnesses into my house and the rookie girl began her spiel.  After a few minutes of discussion the man knew I was too strong for her so he took over.  I challenged him with a passage in John 20:28 concerning Thomas when he called Jesus Lord and God.  The gentleman refused to answer this verse as he continually tried to get me to leave John and look at other passages.  I asked him politely can we stay on this verse and not hop around.  At that moment the young girl agreed with me and said to her partner we should answer John 20:28.  Almost immediately the man leaped up angrily and said we are going.  They both hurriedly went out my door.  I am certain the young girl was chastised for her agreement with me.  You can bet the next time a situation like this arises she will keep her mouth shut and obediently follow his lead.
  1. Booklets – If they think you are interested, they love to share their printed materials such as the Watchtower and the Awake.  They would love to give you a booklet called, “What Does God Require of Us?” in order to get you to study with them.  This Bible study is where the majority of their converts come from.
  1. No materials from Christians – They are not supposed to accept “anti-Jehovah Witness materials.”  The organization teaches written information countering their positions are to be viewed as pornography.  So they expect you to take their materials but they usually won’t take yours.
  1. Skilled at persuasion – They spend hours weekly at their Kingdom Halls practicing door to door evangelism.  They are highly skilled at asking good questions and using debate type tactics as they make their points.  Most show great respect to you as they lead you towards studying with them.
  1. Trained to answer common objections – They have a handy book they always carry called “Reasoning from the Scriptures.”  It lists many of the common objections they will face as they encounter more informed individuals.  The opening chapters focus on responses to people who immediately reject them at the door.  I have a copy of this book and it is a great tool to see how they are going to answer me.
  1. They study Watchtower booklets – The vast majority of their Bible study is spent reading the Watchtower materials.  They are advised against reading their Bibles without approved materials.   The Watchtower Organization interprets the scriptures for them.  When they are at your door they can only give the approved party line.
  1. They are the teachers you are the student – They are taught they represent God and you represent Satan.  As such they are to be in the role of teacher.  As soon as you reverse the roles during the discussion they are likely to leave.

My hope is this information is valuable to you as you encounter the Witness at your door.  Just remember these individuals love you enough to come to your house to share their beliefs.  We need to be prepared to love them back and show them how they have been deceived.

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  • Mickey June 13, 2012, 3:22 pm

    Thanks so much for posting these on here! I recently started meeting with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and reading this is an encouragement. If possible, I would love to pick your brain on this through email. Any tips would be great!

  • Steve June 14, 2012, 7:49 am

    I will soon be posting answers to their objections. I have hundreds of hours of sharing experience and I believe what I write will be a great help.


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