Part 4 Understanding the Watchtower Organization

Understanding the Watchtower Organization

Individual Jehovah’s Witnesses are expected by the organization to share their faith.  Once someone converts to this belief system they are trained in Watchtower materials and then taken to the streets with an experienced partner going door to door telling people how to become a Jehovah Witness.  Later he or she will do the same mentoring process with a new convert.  The question is how effective is this door to door cold evangelism strategy?

Here are some interesting statistics about the Jehovah Witnesses according to their 2011 figures.  I found these on their official web site.  Incredibly, in 2011 they spent over 1.7 billion hours preaching (sharing their faith) for the Watchtower organization.

Statistics:  2011 Report of Jehovah's Witnesses Worldwide[1]

  • 2011 Peak Witnesses:  7,659,019
  • Number baptized: 263,131 (How many in 2011 became Jehovah’s Witnesses)
  • Number of congregations: 109,403
  • Total hours preaching: 1,707,094,710
  • Average Bible Studies: 8,490,746

In 2006 it took over 5,230 hours of door to door evangelism worldwide to get 1 new convert.  Here is 2011 it took 6,488 hours per convert.  According to these statistics, in 2011 they seemed to be less effective in getting people to join their religion.  I would consider that good news.

Key books they will utilize:

  1. New World Translation (NWT) of the Bible.  The key individuals that translated their Bible had little to no Hebrew or Greek language training.  What you find in the NWT Bible is certain scriptures have been altered to align with their doctrines.  This helps in door to door witnessing, especially when confronted with someone who knows their beliefs.   I highly recommend reading the article I wrote, “Major Problems with the New World Translation” found on my web site.
  2. Reasoning from the Scriptures:  This book has alphabetical answers to objections to their doctrines.  I’ve had a number of witnesses, when I challenge them on a particular doctrine, pull this book out of their briefcase.  For them it is a handy and vital book of answers. I have a copy, which can be hard to come by.  I use it to anticipate how they will answer me.  It is a great tool if you can find one.
  3. Kingdom Interlinear:  This is a Greek to English translation that the Watchtower Organization doesn’t publish any longer.  The reason they stopped was soon after it was published it was used by Christians as a witnessing tool against the Watchtower doctrines.  I have a copy and it exposes some of the errors of the New World Translation.

Key booklets they use and give away:

  1. Should You Believe in the Trinity? – Dedicated to refuting the doctrine of the Trinity.  This booklet is loaded with misquotes of Christian scholars.  The internet has many web sites that have taken the time to expose the errors.  I will show some of the booklets misquotes later in this series.
  2. What Does God Require of Us? – This is used for home Bible Studies to help convert new believers.  With two different pairs of Witnesses I have gone through the first few chapters at my house.  For me this booklet is great because as we study it together, I can look ahead and prepare my materials to gently refute their teachings.  Usually, once we reach the Jesus chapter things begin to fall apart, for obvious reasons.
  3. Monthly Watchtower and Awake magazines – The Watchtower Organization expects all members to make these monthly magazines as their primary study materials.  In fact they are discouraged from reading the Bible apart from them.  Years ago the organization said if you only read the Bible, in two years you will likely fall into darkness (leave the Watchtower Organization).  I wish more would fall into “darkness.”

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[1] Information taken from official Watchtower website

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