Part 1 Personal reflections about sharing with Jehovah’s Witnesses

I am beginning a new series.  My primary objective is to equip Christians to learn how to discuss the Bible with Jehovah Witnesses.  It is likely every person reading this has been visited by a Jehovah Witness at one time or another and knowing what to say would be of value.  I will provide you with background information on the Watchtower Organization, show the differences in their beliefs, how they misquote Christian sources, give you tactics in sharing, and show you how they distort the scriptures.  Worshipping a false Jesus, the Jesus of the Watchtower Organization can have dire eternal consequences.

To help keep my teaching practical, I will share personal stories of multiple discussions I have had with Witnesses at my house or on the streets.  I will begin with some personal reflections.

After years of sharing with Jehovah Witnesses, they finally stopped coming to my house.  The primary reason was because I made a solid defense of the Bible and refuted their arguments when they came to my door.  You could say they put an X over my street address and it took three years before another Jehovah Witness knocked on my door.  Another reason they didn’t come back was my attitude.  When I first started sharing I was beaten up in discussions with Witnesses and now that I knew their arguments, I was doing the same to them.  I was satisfying my ego rather than moving them closer to Christ.  My attitude had to change.

Finally, after three years of zero visits, two gentlemen came to my house and I invited them in to talk.  Their names were Jim and Nat (short for Nathaniel).  These were two wonderful men who had come to share the truth as they knew it.  They both were gracious and well mannered.  We talked about life, family and hobbies and one of the gentlemen enjoyed the fact that I was a bicycle rider.  It gave us common ground.  They wanted to know if they could come back.  We setup a regular meeting time every Monday afternoon at 4pm.

Each week they came to my house to talk with me for nine months.  If one of them was out of town the other would bring his wife; they always came with a partner.  If they were going to be late they always called to apologize.  And they always ended our meetings on time, demonstrating respect for my schedule.

Some of you reading this may be wondering how I was able to keep them coming back for nine months (some could be asking why).  The reason was 1) I made the time to meet and kept my calendar clear, 2) I was respectful and friendly, and 3) I went slowly and didn’t share too much information.  I was in for the long run.  I knew I had time to get the truth out.  I truly wanted to see them come to Christ and believed developing a friendship relationship was the best method.

I am a huge fan of relational apologetics [to make a defense of Christianity].  I love to make friends with people who don’t agree with me and are willing to get into spiritual conversations.  I often tell people, I learn much more from people who don’t agree with me as opposed to those who do.  This is why I try to love all Jehovah Witnesses who will talk with me.  They care so much about me they are willing to spend their time sharing what they believe.  And I care so much about them I am willing to spend months to share my beliefs.

My goal is to teach you to love the Jehovah Witness at your door and help move him or her towards a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I will begin with some background information on the Watchtower Organization.

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