Part 2 Example of Overstating Your Case

Jehovah’s Witnesses are famous for overstating their case.  They make outlandish claims that are blindly believed by their faithful followers.  Let me share an example:

In the Watchtower Organization booklet “Should You Believe in the Trinity?” it tried to make the case the early church never taught the Trinity and their ancient writings supported Watchtower doctrines.  Over time this booklet has proved to be an embarrassment to the organization.  They no longer publish it.  The internet is loaded with sites that show how they completely misquoted the early church fathers and other Christian sources to make them sound like they support Watchtower doctrines.  Following a series of false quotes the booklet made this statement:

“Thus, the testimony of the Bible and of history makes clear that the Trinity was unknown throughout Biblical times and for several centuries thereafter.”

Right from the beginning this statement is misleading because the primary case for the Trinity is supported by the Bible.  They completely ignore this fact.  They tried to fool the reader by saying the word “Trinity” is not in the Bible.  So what!  How does that argue against the concept of the Trinity being Biblical?  They call themselves a “Theocratic Organization.”  The word theocratic is not in the Bible.  Theocratic means ruled by God and it could be true even if the word is not found in the Scriptures.  The word “Bible” is not in the Bible.  This is a silly argument.  If a word is not in the Bible does that mean it cannot be true?  Of course not!  Trinity is just a word that summarizes the clear teachings of the nature of God.   I wrote a series called Loving the Trinity to support the Bible teaches the Trinity.

The booklets strongest attacks came from false quotes from Christian sources to support their position.  They made these authors seem to say the Bible doesn’t teach the Trinity.  I wrote an entire series refuting many of these false quotes called Exposing the Deceit of the Watchtower Organization.

I once had two Jehovah Witnesses try to make the case the early church did not teach the doctrine of the Trinity.  I produced a multiple page document for each of them to take home with quotes of early church fathers calling Jesus God (not a lesser god as they teach).  The next week they came back and had to admit the early church fathers didn't agree with their beliefs.  They had to humbly back off their claim.

Anytime you present your case, do the research to find out if it actually is true.  A Jehovah’s Witness is usually taught these ideas and then try to defend them with Christians they visit.  Unless challenged they think they have the truth.  The main reason they don’t check out their sources is because they believe the Watchtower Organization is a divine authority acting as God’s mouthpiece.

In Acts chapter 17 we see Paul and Silas teaching a group of Christians in Berea.  We read in Acts 17:11 “Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things were so.”  Here the author Luke is commending the Bereans for examining the teachings they were receiving. Even though the source of the teaching was from Apostles of the early church, these people went to the Scriptures to examine to make sure they were accurate.  This is a great example for us to follow.

In order to avoid overstating your case research arguments before you present them.  Try to make sure you are using a reliable source.  Possibly share your thoughts with another follower of Christ in order to see if the content is worthy of presenting.  Think through how the person you are talking will respond and make sure you can answer his or her objections.  You still may have holes in your argument but if you make your case humbly as a seeker of truth you will not be embarrassed as my two Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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