I am continuing to analyze Mormon doctrines versus historic Biblical Christianity.  When we looked at the Trinity we saw that Christianity teaches one God subsists in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Each member of the Trinity is co-equal and co-eternal.  However, Mormons deny the Trinity and believe there are three gods of this […] Read more


Wait a minute!  Did you say there is a problem sharing Christ with Christians?  Don’t they by definition already know Jesus? I was working in the vendor’s area at a physical education conference and as I was setting up the booth, I got into a spiritual conversation with a woman next to our display.  She […] Read more


Is Religious Belief Man-Made?

I received this question from a friend.  “Have you ever run into somebody who says ‘Religion is all man-made.  Because ancient man couldn’t figure out the universe he came up with “gods” to answer the questions.  He is still doing it today.’  This is how my boss sees any kind of faith as just something […] Read more


CAN PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM EXPLAIN THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION? Punctuated equilibrium predicts the biological change we see over millions of years will occur in large jumps as a result of natural selection.  It focuses on the species as a whole.  Whereas Darwinian evolution predicts slow change over time, punctuated equilibrium proposes massive changes acting upon the species.  […] Read more


Main Theme of the book:  The primary theme of this book answers the questions, what is Christianity?  Christianity is a picture of reality.   I. In the Beginning God Created the Universe (Chapter 6)Genesis 1:1 (NIV) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  We see the Christian story starts with a bang; God […] Read more


ANALYZING MORMON DOCTRINES Mormons call themselves Christians and yet they differ greatly from the beliefs of traditional Christianity.  Due to the differences, both belief systems cannot be right.  Over the next few weeks I would like to analyze Mormon doctrines by comparing beliefs.  We will begin our study with the most important doctrine in Christianity. […] Read more


All worldviews must give answers to the problem of evil.  I will begin with atheism. Atheism is the belief that God doesn’t exist.  The vast majority of their arguments are attacks on other beliefs and not a positive case based on the evidence for atheism.  I don’t normally hear atheists say this is why atheism […] Read more


Image via Wikipedia Knowing my desire to share with Latter Day Saints, my children called a 1-800 number from a TV advertisement so they could order for me the Mormon video “The Lamb of God.”  To my surprise the video came in the mail addressed to me with documentation concerning the story of Joseph Smith […] Read more


The last few posts focused on Joseph Smith and why he was a deceiver, an occultist, and his “first vision” was a lie that grew over time.  Now I will take a look at the Book Mormon missionaries will tell you is comparable to the Bible. ASSESSING THE BOOK OF MORMON After God supposedly commissioned […] Read more


Atheists and Jehovah’s Witnesses have used verse 15:44 to argue against a bodily resurrection.  1 Corinthians 15:44 “it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.”  Paul altered his wording slightly from verses 42 and 43.  Instead of saying “sown […] Read more

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