Is it okay to Work on Saturday?

I am continuing to post challenges from some atheists in San Diego.  They say Exodus 35:2 commands us to put others to death for working on the Sabbath.  Their claim is Christians are inconsistent in applying what the Bible clearly teaches. Do Christians ignore verses we don’t like?  If we ignore them then the charge […] Read more


Part 2 How to challenge a moral relativist

To help you understand the context of the issue of objective morality versus relative morality I will tell a true story.  I will use this story throughout the series to help you understand how to talk with a relativist. Our family was in Yosemite, CA and my middle son, who was a student at Cal […] Read more


Part 1 Do Objective Morals Exist?

I am going to begin a new series on the subject of morality.  This topic is very relevant with multiple issues of morality being argued in the public square.  I talk with many individuals who believe objective morality does not exist.  I actually enjoy talking with people who don’t believe in objective morality.  It makes […] Read more


The best explanation of these facts is that Jesus rose from the dead. This, of course, was the account the eyewitnesses themselves gave, and I can think of no better explanation. The resurrection hypothesis passes all the standard criteria for being the best explanation of the 5 facts scholars accept. After examining each of the […] Read more


What is the best explanation of the facts Writers lied about the resurrection A Discovery channel special, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” asserted the tomb was empty because the disciples stole the body and placed Jesus in a hidden tomb.  What this means is that after the body was stolen, the Biblical writers formed a […] Read more


What is the best explanation of the facts? Jesus didn’t die theory The Discovery Channel recently had a special where “scholars” identified an herb that could mask the death of Jesus and hide the fact he was still alive.  They believe he was taken down off the cross only appearing to be dead; for them […] Read more


What is the best explanation of the facts? Overall the 5 facts give us an historical framework for testing explanations.  The best explanation is the one that can account for all 5 accepted historical facts.  Remember the 5 facts are: Fact #1: Jesus was killed by crucifixion Fact #2: Jesus’ disciples believed that he rose […] Read more


Part 10 Fact five: the tomb was empty

Was the Resurrection a Historical Event? Part 10 Fact # 5: Jesus’ tomb was empty Again an overwhelming majority of scholars, both liberal and conservative believe the empty tomb is a historical fact (75%)[1].  Here are 3 key reasons: The Jerusalem factor – Jesus was publicly executed and buried in Jerusalem and the resurrection is […] Read more

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Fact #4: The conversion of the skeptic James, Jesus’ half-brother The Gospels tell us Jesus had at least 4 half-brothers; James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon; as well as half-sisters whose names we don’t know (Mark 6:3-4).  Concerning the brothers we read in John 7:3-5 “Jesus’ brothers said to him, ‘You ought to leave here and […] Read more

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Fact #3: The conversion of the church persecutor Paul We know from multiple sources that Paul, known as Saul, was an enemy of the church and was committed to persecuting Christians.  In Acts 7 & 8 Saul approves of the stoning of Stephen, a Christian martyr.  After the burial of Stephen we see Saul continuing […] Read more

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