Ongoing Conversations with Mormon Missionaries

When meeting with Mormon missionaries at my door, I try to form a relationship and start a Bible study at my house.  I have been very successful at doing this.  People ask me, have you led any of them out of the Mormon Church.  My answer is not yet.  However, what has happened over the years and months to the missionaries after I've met with them is unknown.  My job is to plant and water and God causes the growth.  The Apostle Paul writes, 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. 7 So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.”   Our job is to share and leave the results up to God.

When people ask this question I’ve come to realize they don’t understand how Mormonism is an extremely tangled web.  To leave their belief system they not only have to see the truth but have to be prepared to lose their family and friends.  It is a total commitment to move away from Mormonism.  I have a friend who lost his wife and children when he came to know Christ and left the LDS church.  He had to start his life over.  I've heard experts say many times it takes around 3 years before they become convinced they are following a false God and gospel.

I see the time I spend with them as an investment on their journey towards truth.  The change will only come from the work of the Holy Spirit.  I am simply an ambassador of Jesus Christ and my job is to love them and try to put a spiritual rock in their shoe each day they leave my house.

What I hope to accomplish in these posts, is to model how you can lovingly share the truth with missionaries at your door.  You will learn both content and tactics for how to successfully have an ongoing conversation with Mormon Missionaries.  There is no silver bullet set of scriptures for saving missionaries.  It takes time and patience to move them towards a true faith in Jesus Christ.  We share and God saves.  This takes the pressure off trying to save them in one encounter.  My relationship model can take months to move them closer to Christ.  Interesting in this second series, is that the previous missionaries had left a positive note about me and recommended giving me a visit.  Even though I strongly presented the truth about who the Biblical God is, in their small notepad they told the new missionaries to go visit Steve.

Concerning these two missionaries who left the note, I posted a 3 part series called “Visited by Mormon Missionaries” (part 1, part 2, and part 3).  This occurred 9 months before this series of encounters.

Week 1:  It was a quiet Saturday morning as I worked on my computer in my office.  It was now June and my public school teaching duties were winding down, so I began to plan for what I would do over the summer.  One task I needed to work on was a four part presentation on “Sharing with Mormons at Your Door.”  I was scheduled to teach two consecutive adult Sunday school classes (8 & 9:30am) for 4 weeks during the fall.

Around 10:30 that morning the doorbell rang.  I answered and two young men with ties and white shirts were standing at my door.  I hadn’t been visited by missionaries for 9 months and the incredible timing of this event seemed to be more than a coincidence.  My three miniature Dachshunds barked like crazy (Kobe, Gretchen, and Corrigan) so I stepped outside the screen door to talk to them.  They asked me if I was “Steve” and I said yes.  They said they were left a note from the previous missionaries and that I had shown a positive interest in discussing spiritual issues.  They wanted to know if I was still interested in talking.  I said absolutely!  I then asked them where they were from.  Both were from Utah and lived in a city near Salt Lake City.  One of the missionaries was filling in for the regular partner.  We then set-up a date to meet the following week and they left to talk to others.

As they walked away I praised God for providing such a timely visit.  I immediately went back to my computer knowing I would have some new experiences to share for my Mormonism presentations beginning in September.  Thank you Jesus!

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