Mormon’s False Beliefs about the Godhead

Mormon’s believe the Biblical Godhead is comprised of 3 separate and distinct Gods; the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.The Mormon missionaries I have been meeting with said the word LORD (YHWH or Jehovah) as it appears in the Old Testament is Jesus Christ in His premortal state.A Mormon reference work, “Bible Dictionary,” from their King James Bible Version with explanatory notes, makes this statement:

“When one speaks of God, it is generally the Father who is referred to; that is, Elohim.All mankind are his children.The personage known as Jehovah in Old Testament times, and who is usually identified in the Old Testament as Lord (in capital letters), is the Son, known as Jesus Christ, and who is also a God…he being the eldest of the spirit children of Elohim.”

These missionaries said it was Jesus who was quoted in Isaiah when He said I am the only savior (43:10) and I created the universe by myself (44:24). This teaching has two major problems.

  1. Isaiah clearly teaches there is only one being we call God.Isaiah 45:5 I am the Lord, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God. I will gird you, though you have not known Me;”Other passages teaching there is only one God in Isaiah are 43:10; 44:6; 44:8; 45:14; 45:18; 45:21; 46:9.The belief in more than one God is clearly false.In Isaiah and throughout the Old Testament, the Father cannot be a God Elohimand Jesus a second God YHWH (Jehovah).Clearly, this is a contradiction and has to be false.Jehovah (LORD) and Elohim (God) are the same God.
  2. There are many verses in the Bible which demonstrate Elohim and Jehovah are one and the same God.Here are a few examples:Genesis 27:20 “Isaac said to his son, ‘How is it that you have it so quickly, my son?’ And he said, ‘Because the LORD (Jehovah) your God (Elohim) caused it to happen to me.’”In this verse Isaac is addressing Jehovah and Elohim as one and the same. In contrast a Mormon interpretation of this verse would be “And he said, ‘Because the Jesus your Father caused it to happen to me.’” This interpretation makes no sense and is false.How can Jesus be the Father?This is an obvious contradiction.Another problematic verse is Exodus 20:1-2 “Then God (Elohim) spoke all these words, saying, 2 ‘I am the LORD (YHWH or Jehovah) your God (Elohim), who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.’”Clearly, only one God is speaking and only one God is referenced in the passage.However, the Mormon interpretation would beThen Father (Elohim) spoke all these words, saying, ‘I am the Jesus (Jehovah) your Father (Elohim), who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.’”If I was a Mormon I would be scratching my head in total confusion.How could Father (Elohim) say He is Jesus the Father?  Incredible any Mormon world try to make this case.  In fact there are 134 verses that say the words, “LORD God.”  According to the Mormon interpretation those verses would say, “Jesus Father.”  Does that make sense to anyone?  There are 87 verses that say “The LORD our God.”  According to the Mormon interpretation those verses would say, “The Jesus our Father.”  Does that make sense to anyone?  Many more passages could be sited to show this Mormon belief is contradictory.

My case against the Mormon teaching concerning the Biblical Godhead was clearly established by point one, the fact the Bible teaches there is only one God.Their belief in multiple gods, according to the Bible, is contradictory and false.My second point, even though it was not needed, shows the absurdity of this belief.

In a few weeks when I present my case to the Mormon missionaries I will ask them, after looking at the evidence, on what basis do you believe Jesus is Jehovah (LORD) and the Father is (Elohim) in the Old Testament?Do you still believe the Bible teaches there is more than one God?I will be interested in their responses.

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