Part 6 The Bible teaches 3 facts that establish the doctrine of the Trinity

Describing the Biblical Trinity

The following is a typical dialogue I have had multiple times with Jehovah Witnesses at my door.

My doorbell rings and two men dressed in suits and ties are standing at my door with their briefcases.  After they ask me if I have any spiritual interests, our conversation continues like this:

Steve:  Thanks for stopping by.  Who is Jesus?

JW:  He is the Son of God

Steve:  What does Son of God mean?

JW:  Oh I see, you believe in the Trinity don’t you?

Steve:  Yes I do.

JW:  Do you know the word “Trinity” is not in the Bible?

Steve:  Does that mean, if a word is not found in the Bible that it can’t be true?

JW:  Well, ah, no.

Steve:  Then what’s your point.

JW:  Well ah, ah … Let’s change subjects[1].

There a many words we accept as true that are not found in the Bible.  The word “Bible” is not found in the Bible.  Jehovah Witnesses call themselves a Theocratic Organization and the word “theocratic” is not found in the Bible (Theocratic means governed by God).  Omnipresent (everywhere), omnipotent (all powerful), and omniscience (all knowing) are common theological words not found in the Bible.  What is the big deal if a word is not found in the Bible?  The doctrine of the Trinity can be a Biblical doctrine even if the word is not found in the Scriptures.

As I established previously, Christians believe in the Trinity, not because the church invented it, but because it is taught in the Bible.  In fact if you deny the Trinity, you will find the scriptures difficult to understand and loaded with contradictions.  Biblical doctrines are like dominoes lined up in a straight line; once you knock over the first one they all fall down.  Theology is systematic and like a line of dominoes, a person with one erroneous belief will discover it crashes into other doctrines causing multiple problems and contradictions.  What we find as we study the Bible is the doctrine of the Trinity is a solution and not a problem.  Multiple issues are solved when we understand how the Scriptures teach the Trinity.

In order to prove the Trinity three important facts have to be established by the Bible.

  1. There is only one God
  2. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit are distinct persons, they communicate, love & have rationality.
  3. Each person is fully God.

If all 3 of these key facts can be established by the Bible then the only conclusion an honest person can make, is that the Scriptures teaches the Trinity.

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[1] This line of reasoning comes from Greg Koukl on a Stand to Reason radio broadcast

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