Is God the Author of the Bible Part 8 Critics must provide answers

In part 1 I began to answer a CNN article by Michael Coogan who contended the Bible is a manmade document.  Over the next seven blogs I made a case for God as the ultimate author of the Bible.  I presented 6 lines of evidence, which included:  Prophecy: The Bible is the only book with precise, detailed, and accurate predictions of the future.  Unity: Over 44 authors, written over 1,500 years, covering controversial topics, and it fits together perfectly.  Writer’s testimony: They wrote about supernatural events and supported their claims with their lives.  Historical investigation: Archeology and ancient manuscripts demonstrate the accuracy of the Bible.  Transformed lives: Lives have been changed by the power of the Holy Spirit through the words of scripture.  The Bible has stood the test of time: Critics continue to attack and yet the Bible still stands strong.

Many more evidences could have been presented to demonstrate the Bible is from God.  The case I’ve made over the last few weeks is great to share with people who don’t agree with your convictions.  However, the evidence may not convince someone the Bible is from God; I doubt it would convince Michael Coogan.  It is not enough for the other person to say he or she disagrees; the person has to first refute your evidence and then make an argument why the Bible is manmade.

Michael Coogan has to give answers to each of my 6 evidences.  His only reason the Bible is written by men was because each book had a human name attached to it; this is weak.  With all his scholarly credentials he should have known the arguments.

The rest of his CNN article assumes the Bible is a manmade document.  Once you state the Bible is manmade, it is an easy target for attack.  Beginning with part 9, I will continue to answer to Coogan’s contentions.  He has to answer mine but I don’t think that will happen.

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