Is God the Author of the Bible Part 7 Evidence of transformation

The evidence supports God as the author.

I am concluding my 6 lines of evidence that God is the ultimate author of the Bible.

5.  Evidence from transformed lives (thumbs up).

The thumb in the up position symbolizes life during the gladiator times.  Up was for life and down for death. The Bible gives new life to individuals.  People are dramatically transformed from the power of the Holy Spirit through the teachings of the Bible.  Drug addicts, murders, rapist, and others have had dramatic life changes.

Personally, I can say the Bible transformed my life.  I grew up in a family that didn’t attend church.  All through High School and college the only God I believed in was found on a baseball field or at drunken parties.  I didn’t believe in God and had no spiritual interest.

Finally, after I got married and had three kids, our family started attending a church.  I got involved with helping a high school group.  I felt in order to help the students grow spiritually I had to know something about the Bible so I decided to read it.  Through the process of reading the Bible, God somehow communicated to me that I was a sinner and needed forgiveness.  Through His word I was changed forever!  This was a supernatural work of God.  The Bible is a life-changing book and I am a testimony of that fact.  The thumb in an upright position stands for transformed lives.

6.  Evidence from the test of time (fist).

The fist represents a fighting symbol signifying the Bible’s ability to survive numerous attacks.  From ancient rulers trying to burn all copies of the Bible all the way to today, where we find groups like the Jesus Seminar and individuals like Michael Coogan trying to discredit the Bible.  These individuals try to show the Bible is a man-made document.

One person, Voltaire, a prominent French writer and philosopher, boasted in the 1700’s that within 100 years, Christianity and the Bible would disappear – implying that his works would remain much longer.  Today, few know much about Voltaire, but the Bible has constantly grown – remaining by far the bestseller for every year since its beginning.  Ironically, years later after his death, Voltaire’s house and printing press were used by the Geneva Bible Society to publish Bibles.

The Bible has withstood incredible attacks for thousands of years and will continue to do so in the future.  We would expect this if God was the author.  The fist stands for the Bible's ability to fight off attacks and stand the test of time.

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