Is God the Author of the Bible Part 5 Evidence of unity & testimony of the writers

The evidence supports God as the author.

I am continuing to present 6 lines of evidence that God is the ultimate author of the Bible.

2.  Evidence from unity (ring finger).

The marriage ring represents an unbroken unity between a man and a woman; a complete circle that has no end.  For our study unity stands for how well the Bible fits together.  There are many variables in the Bible: sixty-six books, written over 1,500 years, 40+ authors, a variety of circumstances (some in dungeons, jail, palaces, in the midst of battle), different people (lawyers, generals, rabbi, kings, doctor) and three different languages.  Each of the 66 books deal with a great number of controversial topics and doctrines:  Only 1 God, Jesus is fully God and fully man, man is a sinner and to be judged, God is loving, just, and holy, we are saved by grace and not by works, Jesus rose from the dead, detailed descriptions of heaven and hell and much more.

In spite of all the variables and the great number of controversial topics, when we look at the Bible we find a unified whole as if it was written by one author.  It is similar to a finished puzzle with all the pieces fitting perfectly together.  If ten different people in your neighborhood wrote on how to raise children, what would you get?  You’d probably get 10 different opinions, especially in today’s society.  However, start asking people the parenting question over 1,500 years, on 3 different continents, and different walks of life and you would get an incredible diversity of answers.  And parenting doesn’t compare to explaining who God is or how you get to heaven?  Many times the authors didn’t have a clue what each other was writing and yet the theological harmony of the scriptures defies explanation.

A good question to ask someone is, “How is this unity possible?”  It isn’t!  This is truly a miracle of the highest order.  Over 40 authors agreeing on anything seems impossible yet the Bible looks like one book written by one author.  The incredible unity of the Bible in my opinion can only be explained by the direct actions of a supernatural author working through human writers.  The ring finger stands for the unity of the Bible.

3.  Evidence from the writers testimonies (thumb & middle finger).

Connect the middle finger and thumb and make a writing motion.  The Biblical writers wrote about supernatural occurrences such as divine healings, miracles, raising people from the dead, and the resurrection of Jesus.  From all the historical evidence we have, the writers of scripture were honest and sincere men of integrity.  Honesty and integrity are always assumed in evaluating historical literature unless you have evidence otherwise.  The Biblical writers wrote what they believed was the truth; much of the time these were eyewitness accounts.

So why would they write about miracles?  If they were making it up what would be their motivation?  An atheist friend named John said the New Testament writers made up the miracle stories so they could bask in the glory of starting a new religion.  I asked him what the writers received for writing about the miraculous.  They were whipped, lived in poverty, spent years in jail and almost all of them eventually paid for their writings with death as martyrs.  Who dies for a lie they know is a lie?  The only motivation to write about the miracles in the Bible was they actually happened.  Liars make lousy martyrs.  They died for the truth!

The writers wrote about supernatural miracles and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  They gave their lives in defense of what they knew was true.  The middle finger and the thumb together move in a writing motion to represent the writers’ testimonies.

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