Is God the Author of the Bible Part 2 Under attack

In my first post we saw the author of a article Michael Coogan assert pastors, popes, and politicians assume God wrote the Bible. He said it was easy to establish the Bible is man-made based on the fact the books were written by men like David, Paul, Peter, and others.With his scholarly background I have a hard time understanding why he doesn’t know the standard Christian position concerning authorship.I will try to help him.

First I acknowledge he is not alone in his opinion; most people believe the Bible is a man-made book.The History or Discovery Channel love to produce programs to expose the Bible as just another religious book written by men, no better than any other.One special, “Banned books of the Bible,” took cheap shots at the Bible.They said certain books were included or banned from the Bible because of political reasons.As I watched the program I realized the producers assumed the Bible was written by men and that God was not involved.The program made no attempt to give evidence for why they believed it was a human invention.

Today even some churches believe the Bible is a man-made series of books.This belief has allowed them to remove teachings that make their people feel uncomfortable.If you don’t like the verses that teach homosexuality is a sin, simply say those verses don’t apply today because the Bible was written by men who didn’t have today’s scientific knowledge.Or if you don’t like the doctrine of sin just get rid of it all together.All you have to say is the Bible was written by men thousands of years ago and what they thought was sin, really isn’t; times have changed.

Is the Bible a book written by men about God or is the Bible a book written by God using men?Where do you stand?Can you support your answer?

Picture in your mind, you are sitting on a lawn chair in your front yard, under a tree, reading your Bible and sipping on lemonade.Your neighbor walks up and asks what you are reading.You casually say you are reading the Word of God.He says isn’t that a Bible?And you say yes.Then he says, prove to me that book comes from God.How would you answer him?Well my pastor says said it is!His reply would likely be, “Is that the best you got?”

I would like to present evidence God is the author of the Bible; that it is God’s revelation to mankind.My contention is that if this is a book from God then it should bear the marks of the supernatural.It should show evidence that it came from God.If it is not, then it should show evidence that men wrote this book about God based on their perspective.It is one or the other; a book by men about God or a book by God through men.

The next series of posts I will present evidence for why I believe God is the ultimate author of the Bible.Along the way I will also continue to answer the article written by Michael Coogan.

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