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Welcome to the Biblical Worldview Academy web site. The launch date for this site was today June 8, 2009. You may be asking, who are you and what is your purpose?

The Biblical Worldview Academy is basically a discipleship group under the guidance of leader Steve Bruecker. I (Steve) have a MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University extended studies program and I am currently finishing work (my day job) training physical educators for a national middle school obesity and type 2 diabetes study. I will be returning to teaching middle school physical education students next year.

The discipleship group was formed to develop teaching skills and content to help equip the local churches in Escondido, CA and possibly the church worldwide. This past year our group developed a Biblical overview curriculum, called God’s Unfolding Plan. This course was taught Feb. – May 2009 for the first time at two churches. These materials are based on content developed by Greg Koukl, President of Stand to Reason, called “The Bible Fast Forward.” Greg is aware of our efforts and has been supportive of our goals. He will be meeting with us this month to discuss the future of this project.

Our current vision is for this web site to be a place where our team can post information that would be helpful for you, as you seek to become a better equipped ambassador of Jesus Christ. The team of disciples I have assembled are extremely talented and knowledgeable. You will be challenged by what they have to offer. Personally, I have multiple lessons that I have written and recorded over the years of teaching at local churches and secular organizations that I will eventually post here. My hope and desire is you will grow through the posted content.

Please be patient as we slowly over the summer months develop this site. This is not what I do for a living and so I have to find time to invest in its upkeep.

One last thing…the truth is I have a sense of fear and trembling as I post my thoughts, as I am not a professional writer. Blogging can be intimidating but I see it as a labor of love and will do my best to keep it updated and useful to assist in your spiritual growth.

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  • roger June 28, 2009, 11:49 pm

    Great site! Great ideas. God bless you Steve!

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