How to Test a Worldview Part 5 Testing Mormonism & Islam

This will be my final post examining worldviews.  I will briefly evaluate Mormonism and Islam asking a few important questions and using REAL to test the answers.


  1. God –Is there more than one God?  What is the nature of God?  Mormons believe there are millions of gods in the universe.  They also believe the Father is God, the Son is God, and Holy Spirit is God.  And a good Mormon can become a god.  Here is a quote from Lorenzo Snow a LDS ex-president: “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become.”  God the Father was once a man just like us and we can become a god of our own planet.
  2. Death – What happens when you die?  Everyone who dies and never heard the Mormon Gospel gets a second chance.  They go to a post-mortal spirit world where Mormon’s will teach them Mormonism.  Everyone will go to one of three heavens.
  • Telestial kingdom:  Lowest kingdom level where the wicked of the world will spend eternity.  They will be deprived of the presence of God the Father and His Son but will be ministered to by angels and the Holy Ghost.
  • Terrestial kingdom:  This is the second level where honorable people, including “lukewarm” Mormons, will spend eternity.  They will receive the presence of the Son but not the fullness of the Father.
  • Celestial kingdom:  This kingdom consists of 3 different levels.  The top level is the location where the Mormon hopes to be exalted.   This is the place where God the Father dwells and is the goal of all sincere Mormons.  To gain exaltation one must keep all the commandments of the Lord.  It is here they become gods and dwell with their families.

Testing the answers using REAL (Reason, experience, authority, and living)  

Reason: They say the Bible and their scriptures (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, etc.) do not contradict.  There are a minimum of 28 verses in the Bible that teach there is only one God.  Mormonism teaches there are 3 separate gods for our planet and millions, if not billions of gods throughout the universe.  This is a direct contraction of the Bible.

Authority:  The Book of Mormon is not historically reliable.  The scientific evidence of the so-called ancient Hebrew people group in America shows no Hebrew DNA.  Where are the artifacts?  Archeology has found nothing to support the existence of an ancient Hebrew people group.  Since writing was in existence during the time of this so-called ancient people, what manuscripts do we have from the Nephites and the Laminites?  Of course there is none.  So called golden plates were never seen other than Joseph Smith and a few others who said they saw through the “eyes of faith.”   I have written on the lack of evidence for the Book of Mormon at Part 5 Book of Mormon’s make-believe history and Part 6 Archeology & DNA evidence falsify the Book of Mormon.  Historically, knowing the background of Joseph Smith, why would I trust him?  You can find information on Joseph Smith at: Part 3 Joseph Smith polygamist, Part 4 Joseph Smith occultist and multiple visions.

Living: To reach the Celestial Kingdom, a Mormon has to reach moral perfection.  If they do sin they have to repent and never do that sin again.  No living Mormon can live a morally perfect life.  What Mormon has repented and never did that sin again?


  1. God – For the Muslim Allah is the only true God.  They totally reject the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.  They call belief in the Trinity “Shirk” which means associating partners with Allah and is an unpardonable sin.  All who commit Shirk are destined for hell.
  2. Death – For the Muslim salvation consists of doing the 5 pillars of the faith (Sura 10:109).  Salvation is gained by a combination of belief and works.  God will weigh your good works against your bad deeds. No assurance of heaven.

Give it the REAL test. 

Reason: Can a person earn his or her way to heaven?  How do you know if you’ve done enough?  When it comes to the law, following it (doing good) is what is expected; doing good accounts for nothing.  Every law broken there is a penalty on earth as it is in heaven.  If we do good and obey the speed limit we receive nothing.   However, if you break the speed limit and get caught you pay the penalty you deserve.  It is the same for God (Allah). We break God’s laws daily.  There is a penalty to be paid for every divine commandment we have broken.  As a Muslim, how do you think following the law pays for all the thousands of times you break Allah’s laws?  The answer is it doesn’t!  Under this system no one will get to heaven.  This is why Muslims need Jesus to pay the penalty for their sins.

Authority:  I would challenge the Kor’an and how it was put together.  Can you live by the precepts on the Kor’an?  Do you support the violence taught in the Kor’an?  How do we know this book is from God?

For further reasons why Islam has serious problems I have written a series called Unmasking the Deception of Islam.

As I close this series the following are some things to think about.

  • All beliefs have strengths and weaknesses.  Test any worldview using REAL and follow the belief system that is true.  I believe the Christian worldview has the best answers to life’s tough questions and is logically coherent.
  • Many when confronted with evidence against their beliefs may say the following:
    • I don’t care if my view is contradictory or against reason I am still going to believe.  This is a denial of objective truth and clinging to subjective.  Many people believe due to emotions, rather than evidence.
    • Others ask me, Steve why do you need evidence for what you believe…evidence destroys faith.  This is a poor and unbiblical definition of faith.  The Bible teaches faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 11:1 KJV).  REAL is a good way to test the evidence of a belief to see if it is worthy of your faith.
    • I have had friends tell me in 25 years science or archeology will have the missing evidence.  Really?  This is an example of blind faith covering the weaknesses of the belief.
    • I don’t have enough blind faith to believe in atheism, Hinduism, Mormonism or Islam.  I hope you don’t either.  Look to Jesus.  He has the best answers.  For further study the following books I highly recommend:

Resources:  Books

  • Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics by Norman Geisler
  • Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis
  • Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin
  • Worldviews in Conflict by Ronald Nash
  • The Universe Next Door by James SireEnhanced by Zemanta

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