How to Ask Questions part 1

In a spiritual conversation, questions are the most powerful tool to acquire.  My goal in this series of posts is to help you develop the skill of asking good questions. The following is an email conversation with a friend concerning the issue of abortion.  I began the conversation with a poster I found online.  It was posted on Facebook after the school shooting in Connecticut.

Steve: What do you think of this poster?


Do you think mothers killing 3,500 innocent unborn babies will have no effect on our society?

Friend: Assuming that aborted babies are unwanted, this means that the world has had 3500 fewer more unloved souls added to our population. 200 orphans are added to SD County's population every month.* I think outlawing legal abortion would have a far greater effect on our society.  Are there any studies to support your argument?  [* He quoted statistics on unwanted children now in the foster care system in San Diego County.]

Steve: So your solution to unwanted babies is killing them.  Is this correct?

 Today I saw posted on Facebook that 1 out of 6 couples are infertile.  I know couples who want to adopt but it is a long and heartbreaking road because there is a shortage of babies to adopt.

 Even if we didn’t have enough people to adopt, should we allow the baby to be born or kill him or her?  Do you think killing 3,500 babies worldwide is best for society?  You realize the most dangerous place for a human today is a mother’s womb.  Are you for killing 3,500 babies a day?  Here are some worldwidestatistics:;

This was a small sample of one of our email conversations. I hope you noticed how I used questions to essentially control the dialogue.  You may have thought my questions were too confrontational.  Due to our long term relationship I can push a little harder because we have done these type discussions many times.  We are good friends and have carried on conversations both in email and in person for many years.  He has moved from a hard core atheist to an agnostic (sometimes a Deist) when it comes to God.  We have discussed politics, morality, raising kids, sports, family, spiritual issues and other religions.  He loves to talk with me.  I believe one of the main reasons is I treat him with respect and I ask lots of questions.  He too loves to ask me questions.  He respects my opinion even though we disagree on most issues.  We have discussions and not lectures.  Over the next few posts I would like to equip you to improve your ability to ask good questions.

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