God’s Unfolding Plan

This course is designed to give you an overview of the entire Bible that will help you see how the different parts fit together to form God’s entire plan. The content is a journey from Genesis to Revelation tracing God’s storyline of the Bible. Upon completion of this course you will grow in your knowledge and love for God’s Word and his plan for all of mankind. 

Class Objectives

This class was developed to give people the big picture of how God has worked throughout history as recorded in the Bible. Many people have theological ideas floating around in their head; teachings they have learned over the years and have no way to put them together in a systematic or a patterned way. This course is designed to address that problem. The five course objectives are:

1. Understand the Bible’s unfolding plan through the nation of Israel.

2. Identify the 8 kingdom key points and the main historical events associated with each point.

3. Explain how the Old Testament and New Testament teach one plan of salvation.

4. Know 3 major covenants (Abrahamic, Mosaic, and New) and the implications for today.

5. Apply the class content to your life (Bible reading, study and daily living).

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