Part 1: Exposing the Deceit of the Watchtower Organization

When I received the booklet “Should You Believe in the Trinity,” from a Jehovah’s Witness middle school student I immediately began to read it.  The writers made strong claims against the Trinity.  I had only been a Christian for a few years and I realized my entire belief system was being attacked by the Watchtower Organization.  It took me weeks to read the booklet because I could only stomach small portions.  I struggled reading it because it was extremely depressing.  My faith was hurting and I needed answers.

A few weeks after receiving the booklet I listened to a radio program by Jehovah’s Witness expert Peter Barnes.  Incredibly, he spent the majority of the program addressing the multiple false quotes from the Watchtower booklet.  He also pointed out how the writers had failed to include any bibliography or reference footnotes making it almost impossible to look up the quotes.  The Watchtower Organization didn’t want their people or anyone else tracing down their sources of information.  Fortunately, a few dedicated Christians took the time to unearth where they got the quotes.

After the broadcast I called Peter and he graciously sent me his notes.  Many of the quotes that attacked the Trinity were from individuals who hated Christianity.  They believed Christianity was false and so was the Trinity.  What I found interesting was they were quoting from people who believed Jehovah’s Witnesses followed a false religion.  This didn’t seem to bother them.

The majority of material in the booklet were intentional misquotes.  They would print a portion of an author’s quote and then remove all the words that didn’t support their theology.  When the missing sections of the quote were restored the authors were found to be clearly Trinitarian.  To intentionally misquote an author is lying. What kind of organization would deliberately deceive the reader?

What was interesting was just days after I received the false quotes, I got into a spiritual discussion with the dad of my Jehovah’s Witness student.  We had taught together for a few years before he moved to a different school.  I remember during this time he was experiencing years of depression and was being helped by a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  After he took the new teaching position he told me he had become a Jehovah’s Witness.  We set-up a time to meet and I came to his home prepared to attack.

My problem was this was one of my first opportunities to share with a Witness.  I arrived armed with every bit of information I had learned about the organization.  I tried to strong arm him into the Kingdom by shoving as much anti-Jehovah’s Witness material I could; including the photo copies.  He was actually very patient with my futile attempts.

When I showed him the copies, I asked him if misquoting authors was acceptable.  His first comeback was to say my church does the same.  I said if my church did that, I would say it was wrong.  Is the Watchtower Organization wrong for publishing a booklet that misquotes authors?  He looked me right in the eye and said, “I have no problem with it.”  We ended our conversation soon after that and we never met again.

I will provide some of these misquotes and the missing sections.  The Watchtower Organization says it is wrong to misquote authors and then has no problem doing it.  These materials will provide strong evidence for how deceitful they are.

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Exposing the Deceit of the Watchtower Organization
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