Evolution and the Origin of Life

I was sent an email from Bob Stuart of Reasons to Believe that I thought had great information concerning the origin of life on earth.Here is what he wrote…

No Prebiotic Soup: Life appeared under harsh conditions. Science has discovered there was no prebiotic soup, that when charged with a spark, formed the amino acids necessary for proteins and ultimately life molecules. Science shows there were at least 50 astronomically generated extinction events occurring through cometary or asteroidal collisions with the earth that sterilized the planet. In spite of the harsh conditions life persisted over and over again. God's multiple creation of life is the only explanation.

The Origin of Life: Life arose quickly several times. As Carl Sagan used to state, the appearance of life had to occur with multiple origins, not just once, because of the aforementioned sterilization impact events. There is no explanation from the evolutionists of how life went from inorganic to organic in spite of 150 years of trying to discover the process. Also the Darwinian model depends on gradual changes over a long period of time. The record of life is sudden and static. Rather than changes within species once they appear there is stasis (no significant changes in real time). This again points to the Biblical model of multiple special creation events.

First Life Appears Early, Suddenly, and is Complex: Life in its minimal form is complex. The Darwinian model would propose life to be simple in its minimal form. The existence of complex bacterial life at the early stages of earth's history is what science has discovered. To add to the problems of the Darwinian paradigm is the appearance of the Cambrian Explosion. Over 70 phyla of life appeared in a 2.5 million year or less period of time 543 million years ago. The most complex species of that era are found at the onset of the Cambrian period not at the end of it as would be predicted by evolutionists. Since the Cambrian Explosion extinction has depleted the number of phyla to around 30. This is evolution going in the wrong direction as Dr. Paul Chen has stated. Again the Biblical model of multiple special creations of not only life, but the proper environment and ecology to sustain that life, is the only rational explanation. This involves supernatural timing for the creation of life's species. In fact secular British astronomer Brandon Carter stated that complex life as we see it today in mammals and humans has only a 41,000 year window for its existence. He further states that to prepare for this window took close to 15 billion years.

The Origin of Humanity: Begins recently and in one region.Evolutionary Dead-ends for the hominids – no direct links to modern humans.The discovery of Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam are both in the recent past.The big bang of language, music, art, religious expression, hybridization of crops and livestock, sophisticated tool kits all arise with modern humans.


Sincerely in Christ,

Bob Stuart

Reasons To Believe – Apologetics Training Coordinator

This is great material to share with an evolutionist.Darwinian evolution is falsified if it cannot give a naturalistic origin of life.Does anyone have good answers to these points?


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