Part 8 What is microevolution & macroevolution?

Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact?

Before we can adequately answer this question I have to clarify a couple of definitions of evolution.

  • Microevolution – Small changes through natural selection that allow the organism to survive and reproduce.

Microevolution is what we see on islands where bird beak sizes change due to draught.  The birds with longer beaks could reach food and water in the cracks of the rocks survived and reproduced.  The babies that had the long beaks survived and then they reproduced.  Soon the finch beak size was longer than usual.  Another example is insects adapt and survive when farmers spraying DDT.  These resistant creatures reproduce and their offspring are resistant to DDT.  This is called natural selection.  Living creatures adapt to changes in their environment and these changes lead to survival of the creature through reproduction.  This type of evolution is not disputed.  We as Christians have no problem with microevolution.

When Darwin observed small changes in birds and other creatures on the Galapagos Islands, microevolution, he theorized these small changes could then lead to major changes; the gradual accumulation of small changes would lead to a new species or a new creature.  This is what we call…

  • Macroevolution (Darwinian Evolution) – All life came from non-life and evolved from the first life up to humans.  Also nicknamed the “Molecules to man theory”

Macroevolution accounts for all the diversity we see on earth.  Instead of God creating special creatures, all living things are the result of small changes over billions of years.  This is why it is also nicknamed, “Molecules to man theory.”  We begin with some molecules formed from non-life and through the process of natural selection, mutations and time we get humans.

If we clearly understand these definitions, we can avert many of the arguments that occur over evolution.  Many people I talk to on this subject think I am nuts for not believing in evolution; what they are thinking of is microevolution.  By explaining these two definitions I have averted many misunderstandings.  I clearly make it known that I have no problem with microevolution, small changes in the organism.  I tell them my problem lies with macroevolution; many small changes leading to new living creatures.  I don’t have a problem with finches getting longer beaks to find food; I have a problem with the idea that finches with longer beaks eventually become whales or some other creature.  One organism, over billions of years, changing into another species I believe is false.  Macroevolution is what Darwinian Evolution teaches.  What does the evidence reveal?

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  • Tom Wright June 8, 2010, 7:43 pm

    Another case of science overtaking religion:
    We and chips have 99% similar genes.
    What is difficult, in my view, is to scientifically explain matter being generated from non-matter, but the scientific explanation of evolution beyond that point is incomplete, but follows a logical path….

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