Part 7 Is Darwinian Evolution a fact?

Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact?

As a public school teacher I asked one of the science teachers at my school if he wanted to discuss the issue of evolution versus creation.  He accepted the invitation and we began meeting 2-3 days a week in his room during lunch.  John was athletic, intelligent, and articulate.  He believed God was a myth and was a strong advocate for evolution.

We met for over a year, discussing God, the Bible, science, society, family, and other issues of importance.  After 5 months of discussion John looked me square in the eyes and said something like this, “After reading your materials and the discussions we’ve had I am more convinced than ever that Christianity is false.”  He didn’t seem to want to give any ground when confronted by my evidence.  He strongly believed Darwinian Evolution was more than a theory.

Now officially evolution is a theory.  However, if you don’t believe it is a fact, many scientists deem something is wrong with you. In fact Richard Dawkins, an Oxford zoologist, said this, “It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, the person is ignorant, stupid or insane or wicked, but I’d rather not consider that.[1]

The October 9th 2006 issue of Time Magazine the front page article was entitled, “How We Became Human:  Chimps and humans share almost 99% of their DNA.  New discoveries reveal how we can be so alike—and yet so different.”  In the main article there is a picture of an evolutionary tree; the trunk of the tree, Charles Darwin said, represents the theory that all life has a common ancestor and the branches represent the different directions life has evolved; as far as the evolution of humans, the lower branch showing Orangutans, then Gorillas, onto a pigmy chimp branch, over to chimpanzees, and finally a separate branch for modern humans.

The article states, “Along the way they [Paleontologists] learned, among other things, that Charles Darwin the individual responsible for the theory of evolution, even with next to no data, was close to being right in his intuition that apes and humans are descended from a single common ancestor[2].

Are monkeys our next of kin?  Are our relatives locked up in the Escondido Wild Animal Park?  Is Darwinian Evolution a theory or a fact?  How do we defend what we say with our non-Christian friends?  What does the Bible say about this issue?

My desire is to equip and encourage you concerning this important cultural issue.  I believe we have the goods; the evidence is on our side and we just need to learn to present the truth in a loving and winsome fashion.  Since much of society has discounted the Bible we have to be able to discuss this issue in the public square without it.  However I will show how accurate the Bible is concerning how life began.

Either God is creator of all life or all life is the result of mindless random processes of mutations and natural selection that never had us in mind.  We are either products of chance with no ultimate purpose or created by God for a purpose.  Is Darwinian Evolution fact?  What does the evidence tell us?

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[1] Koukl, Greg, “Why I am not an Evolutionist” Lecture notes p.7, Stand to Reason, 1999

[2] Limonick, Michael; Dorfman, Andrea, “What Makes Us Different,” Time Magazine p. 46, 10/09/06

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