Part 15 Origin of the universe reveals God

Arguing for the Existence of God

I am going to walk you through step-by-step the Kalaam Cosmological Argument for the existence of God.  It will take a few posts to do this.

I. Origin of the Universe Reveals God

Dr. William Lane Craig is one of the foremost debater’s for the existence of God in the world.  A few years ago Dr. Craig spoke locally and I got a chance to sit with him for dinner.  I asked him if he feels intimidated whenever he debates scientists at major universities.  He told me he didn’t; in fact they are intimidated by him.  I asked him why?  He said on complicated issues of science he just gives in to their expertise.  However, they don’t like debating a philosopher.  Philosophers use well reasoned arguments and have the ability to unmask bad thinking.  This is intimidating to highly intelligent people.  I have found many times very scholarly people make major mistakes and reach poor conclusions when it comes to spiritual issues or issues of metaphysics.

My job is not to make you into expert at arguing but to help you become a better thinker.  Arguing well requires clear thinking and understanding what you believe.  To argue is simply to present evidence for your beliefs.  When you tell people heaven is only for followers of Jesus you have the beginning steps of an argument.  When people ask you, why do you believe that, your answer is an argument. You are arguing Jesus is the only way.  Jesus argued with the religious leaders all the time.  If we want to be like Jesus we have to learn to argue.  However, we have to control our emotions and not be argumentative.

Dr. Craig has written books and papers on the cosmological argument for the existence of God.  I will use the Kalam Cosmological Argument for the existence of God to not only give you a way to establish the existence of God to an atheist but also to demonstrate that we have solid evidence for believing in a personal Creator. In the process this strategy should strengthen your belief in the Christian God.

“Kalam” is an Arabic word that stands for philosophy or theology.  “Cosmo” refers to the universe and “logical” refers to valid reasoning.   It is a logical case for the beginning of the universe. This argument can be traced back to Christians living in Egypt.  After the Muslims overtook Egypt they developed the argument further. Armed with this argument, my hope is to strengthen your belief and build your confidence to share with someone that doesn’t believe in God.

The argument can be stated in 3 simple either/or steps:

  1. The universe either had a beginning, or it didn’t have a beginning and is eternal.
  2. If the universe had a beginning, it was either caused or uncaused.
  3. If the universe was caused, then cause was either personal or impersonal.

My next post I will begin with step 1.

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