Part 14 Arguing for the existence of God

Arguing for the Existence of God

While our family was vacationing in Yosemite, I was asked by my son Keith to present to his girlfriend the Kalaam Cosmological Argument for the existence of God.  This is a sophisticated argument Dr. William Lane Craig, a defender of Christianity, utilizes on a regular basis in his debates.  Years ago when I worked with the college group at Emmanuel Faith Church in Escondido, I taught this argument. My son had been a part of the college group at the time and remembered that session.

Now I hadn’t taught this for almost 10 years and it was going to take everything I had to recall the basics of the argument.  Fortunately, for me I love to listen to Dr. Craig’s debates on my MP3 player and he uses this argument on a regular basis.  Writing on a napkin in the dining hall of the Yosemite Lodge, I began to sketch out the argument.  It has a logical beauty that my son loves.  Upon finishing his girlfriend was impressed with the soundness of the argument.  She is a very intelligent young lady and loves to read about scientific issues.  The argument left no doubt in her mind God existed and it confirmed what she already believed.

I would like to present to you how to sketch out this argument.  This information can be presented to an atheist who challenges the existence of God.  Secondly, I would like to present an argument for the existence of God based on design we see in the universe.  My science teaching buddy, John said the argument for design is the best evidence for the existence of God.  I will show you a few incredible findings that point towards a creator of the universe.

To establish these arguments I will utilize science to make a case for God.  Atheists think the Bible is nothing but fairy tales.  Some of the information I will use I have covered in earlier postings.

Tactically, whenever we make a case for God with non-Christians I find it is best, on certain issues, to adopt their views.  For example my suggestion is not to argue against the big bang or try to establish a young earth.  Science says the universe is 14.6 billion years old.  Regardless of your view on the age of the universe, adopt their view.  In other words choose the hill upon which you are willing die on.  The age of the universe is not a hill worth dying on.  If you choose to argue for a young earth with an atheist, all your views of science will be discarded.  No non-Christian scientist on record believes the earth is a few thousand years old.  The same goes for the big bang.  Accept it as true whether you believe it or not.  Make your case on issues where we have solid evidence in the scientific community.  Go after macroevolution where we have strong evidence to the contrary (previous posts on evolution).

My goal in these final postings is to strengthen your faith based on the strong scientific evidence for existence of God and equip you to share that information with others.

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