Part 13 Belief in evolution an example of blind faith

The answer to the question, is Darwinian Evolution a fact, is a resounding NO!  My hope it you will take the information you have learned and share it with others.  For the college students in our churches, Darwinian Evolution is having a negative impact.  Many of them are leaving the church because professors say science has proven Christianity false and Darwinian Evolution true.  The number one reason why teenagers and adults turn their back on Christianity is for intellectual reasons.  We need to give answers to those who are asking science questions.

The search for knowledge will strengthen your faith.  I read book by an atheist called, Evolution a Theory in Crisis. It was written by Michael Denton a respected Microbiologist.  In his book he completely dismantled the Darwinian theory of Evolution.  When I finished I had tears in my eyes.  Why you ask?  Because here was a scientist who didn’t believe in God and didn’t have an ax to grind, writing there is no evidence for Darwinian Evolution.  As I sat there and realized what this meant, I began to weep.  Yes I am weird, just ask my wife!  Since that day I have been teaching others the weaknesses of evolution and establishing God as the creator.

Another good resource to read is Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box.  Behe is a biochemist from Lehigh University.  He studied scientific literature to find out how science could explain highly complex systems.  What he found was none of the research articles published in major scientific journals had any answers for the problem of irreducible complexity; gradual Darwinian Evolution couldn’t explain it.  Behe is the one who coined the mousetrap illustration and is still a thorn in the side of evolutionists.

Science is an easy topic to get into a discussion with my non-Christian friends.  Time, Newsweek, US News and World report magazines publish articles about evolution continually and this makes discussions easy.  All you have to do is read the articles and then go to coffee with a friend and talk about them.

My atheist science teacher friend and I met for over a year and one day I came to his room prepared for war.  I wanted to summarize the important things we had discussed.  So I went to his chalk board and wrote…

  • How did the universe come into existence?  He answered I don’t know.
  • Why is the universe designed perfectly for life?  He answered I don’t know.
  • How did life begin?  He answered I don’t know.
  • How did early life become so complex?  He answered I don’t know.

I said, John if you don’t have any good answers for any of these questions, why don’t you believe it was done by God?  He then told me “I believe science will discover the answers within the next 25 years.”

Let me make four quick observations about this remark.

−   First, it’s a tacit admission evolutionary scientists don’t have the evidence.

−   Second, the intelligent design answer is not a default position based on what we don’t know (God of the gaps), but rather on what we do know.

−   Third, sometimes the current evidence is so decisive, it’s hard to imagine it being overturned.

−   Finally, what really matters is the evidence at hand, not what might be produced in the future (no science of the gaps).  When, and if, new facts come to light, then we’re free to reassess.  The most useful conclusions are based on present facts, not future fantasies[1].

John’s atheistic beliefs are based on blind faith.  He refuses to believe in God as the creator and as the Bible states it, he is without excuse.  How about you?  Can you answer the questions I gave John?  If not, you might want to reconsider your position.

My next series of posts I am going to make a logical argument for the existence of God.  I will demonstrate atheism cannot be true based on the evidence.

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[1] Koukl, Greg, “Why I’m Not an Evolutionist,” Stand to Reason 1999 teaching outline, pp. 20-21

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