Part 10 Problems with complexity of biological life

Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact?

Evolution has a major problem with life coming from non-life.  The problem get even worse answering the question…

  • Why is early life more complex than our laptop computers?

For Darwinian evolution to be true not only must life come from non-life but early life must be simple and over time gradually evolve to become more complex.  Ten years after Darwin proposed his theory of evolution, he wrote how life could come from non-life and that the cells that make up all living organisms were extremely simple; like a “Jello” type substance with a nucleus and a cell wall.  This idea seemed to be confirmed by the use of early microscopes.  However, as microscopes became more powerful, the cell all of a sudden became more and more complex.  So highly complex it makes our computers look like a child’s toy.

As digging has continued around the world, scientists have found in the fossil records the earliest living organism were highly complex at the cellular level.  When I say highly complex or irreducibly complex, from Michael Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box,I mean all parts of the system or organism have to be completely in place at one time so it can function.  Dr. Behe used a mouse trap to demonstrate a highly complex organism.

There are different parts to a mouse trap:

  1. Base made of wood
  2. Metal hammer for crushing the mouse
  3. Spring to help the metal hammer slam down on the mouse
  4. Catch with food holder
  5. Metal bar to hook to the catch to hold back the metal hammer
  6. 4 Staples to hold the metal in place

Now a system is irreducibly complex if all parts of a mousetrap have to be together before it can catch a mouse.  The way you test this is to ask, would it work if one part was missing?  Would it catch a mouse if the latch was missing?  Or maybe the spring was missing or the staples weren’t there to attach the spring and metal hammer.  Would it work?  Of course not!

Now think of the mousetrap as a living organism and it has to catch mice to live.  A long time ago there was only a base and the base was made of thin material like paper.  Could it catch mice?  Eventually, somehow the base became wood and grew staples.  Could staples alone sitting on a base catch mice?  Then the metal hammer came into existence by mutations and chance; could it now catch a mouse?

Unless the mousetrap is 100% complete, with the right materials in place at the same time it will not function.  If this was a living organism how could it have survived by gradual steps?  From paper to wood, gradually until it reached completion.  It couldn’t have!  Darwinian evolution has no explanation for how highly complex organisms come into existence, since they have to be in complete form to survive.

As I said before scientists have found in the fossil record early cells more complex than the computers that sit on our desks.  Could a computer suddenly jump into existence without gradual steps?  And what is more intriguing is these cells can duplicate themselves continually.

I once told a friend to imagine your computer on your desk in your house; the next day you come into your office and there are two of them, exactly the same.  The day after that you come in and now there are four; then eight, and eventually millions of computers.  I asked him if his computer could do this?  He said of course not; not without outside help.  I then said this is what cells do all the time.  They can perfectly reproduce themselves at a higher complexity than your computer.  And you believe the duplication of cells happened by chance and accident without any outside assistance?

Bottom line, science has no idea how life comes from non-life and how early life in the fossil record is so complex.  Remember if Darwinian evolution cannot explain how life comes from non-life then the theory fails.  Life has to come about as a result of natural processes or you can throw the theory out.  This is one of the reasons why an increasing number of scientists have abandoned Darwinian Evolution.

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