Does Might Make Right?

On a long bike ride with my atheist friend, we got talking about morality and evolution. I said if evolution is true and all of us are simply material beings, products of evolution, then objective morality doesn’t exist; there are no transcendent standards for behavior that are binding upon everyone and for all time. Therefore, if North Korea thinks we are a threat and if survival of the fittest is the driving force, then if they wipe us out with a nuclear bomb that act wouldn’t be wrong universally. You and I may not like it but it would not be a universal wrong because according to your view, all morality is simply a social convention. North Korea would be doing what they believe is right and eliminating a threat like the US, in their minds, would benefit their survival. Without a standard of morality; without objective morality, right and wrong simply becomes “might makes right.” My friend had trouble accepting my conclusion but also struggled with how to answer my argument. We will pick up where we left off on our next ride.

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