Part 4 Do you know the difference between subjective and objective truth?

In order to evaluate whether you understand the distinction between objective and subjective truth, I would like to give you a short quiz.  You need to identify whether the following claims are objective (insulin) or subjective (ice cream).    


1.       That man's shirt is red (or whatever color).

2.       Red is the best color.

3.       2 plus 2 equals 4.

4.       Tropical island vacations are the best vacations.

5.       I can bench press 500 pounds. 

6.       God exists. 

7.       Jesus is the only way to God

8.       Sex before marriage is immoral.

9.       It is wrong for women to have elective abortions.

10.   God loves you.

Jot down your answers and then I will provide the answers on my next blog and the rationale behind certain key ones. I have used this type of quiz during presentations and it has never failed to provide an interesting discussion.  I took the idea of the quiz from Brett Kunkle who works for Stand to Reason.  Their web site is located at

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