Part 1 Do Objective Morals Exist?

I am going to begin a new series on the subject of morality.  This topic is very relevant with multiple issues of morality being argued in the public square.  I talk with many individuals who believe objective morality does not exist.  I actually enjoy talking with people who don’t believe in objective morality.  It makes for lively conversations.

Today more than ever our society is skeptical of all truth claims especially religious or moral truth claims.  Anybody or group that claims there are absolute moral truths is said to be arrogant and close-minded.  Morality they say is determined by the individual or society.  This is a popular philosophy on many college campuses, especially among history and humanities professors.  “Who are you to judge my morals,” is rally cry by students and teachers on many college campuses.

The issue of where morals come from has been argued since the beginning of time.  Answering the question, is right and wrong something we make up or does it exist outside us, has been wrestled with for centuries.  Where do you stand?  Do objective moral truths exist?  Are people across cultures and time periods obligated to obey these objective moral rules? Or is right and wrong determined by the preferences of individuals or societies?

Graduate student Jerome Pinn checked into his dormitory at the University of Michigan to discover that the walls of his new room were covered with posters of nude men and that his new roommate was an active homosexual who expected to have partners in the room. Pinn approached the Michigan housing office requesting that he be transferred to another room. Listen to Pinn's own description of what followed: “They were outraged by this request. They asked me what was wrong with me–what my problem was.  I said that I had a religious and moral objection to homosexual conduct. They were surprised; they couldn't believe it. Finally, they assigned me to another room, but they warned me that if I told anyone of the reason, I would face university charges of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”  In their mind, Jerome had no right to a new room because he was being intolerant.  This seems to be the direction much of our society is headed.

I will defend the idea that objective morality exists and will make my case over the next few weeks.

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