Part 2 There is only one question: What is the unborn?

In part 1 I made the statement the only question that needs to be answered in the abortion debate is what is the unborn?  This question trumps all other issues such as choice, privacy, trusting women, rights, etc.  I will try to provide clarity in regards to answering this question.

Imagine you are a dad taking a nap on the couch and your young son comes up from behind you and asks can I kill this?  What do you say?  The answer of course is you need to see what “this” is.  If it is a slug take it out back and kill it.  If it is the next door neighbors kitten then no.  If it is the little friend from the down the street, then counseling is needed.  Before we can kill something we need to know what it is.

This applies to the unborn.  Prior to killing it we must answer the question what is it.  If the embryo is not a human, then of course kill it.  When we have an operation to remove an appendix no one holds up protest signs to argue against killing it.  The same goes for the unborn.  If the unborn is not human, then take it out and kill it.  However, if the unborn is human then it is wrong to take his or her life for any reason (other than life for life situations)[1].

If the unborn are humans like toddlers, we should not kill them in the name of choice, privacy, trusting women, etc., any more than we would a toddler.  Some reading this might argue, “Killing a toddler not the same as killing embryo.”  I would reply, “Ah, that’s the issue.  Are they the same?  Again, we’re back to one question, what is the embryo?”

This same question, “What is the embryo,” clears up confusion on Embryo Stem Cell Research (ESCR).  If you have a good eye and I have a bad one, can I take your good eye to make my bad eye feel better?  Clearly, I cannot.  Human beings should not be forcibly stripped of their body parts to treat others.  Hence, if the embryo is human, like you, we cannot kill it to benefit someone else.  It’s that simple.

Let me be clear. I am vigorously “pro-choice” when it comes to women choosing a number of moral goods.  I support a woman’s right to choose her own health care provider, to choose her own school, to choose her own husband, to choose her own job, to choose her own religion, and to choose her own career, to name a few.  These are among the many choices that I fully support for the women of our country.  But some choices are wrong, like killing innocent human beings simply because they are in the way and cannot defend themselves.  No, we shouldn’t be allowed to choose that[2].

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[1] Greg Koukl, Precious Unborn Human Persons (STR Press, 1999) p. 3

[2] Majority of the content has been taken from articles written by Greg Koukl and Scott Klusendorf

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