Part 11 What pro-life advocates can do to fight abortion

If you are prolife you need to ask yourself the question, what can I do?  Babies are being killed daily and there doesn’t seem to be an end to this tragedy.  As prolife advocates we need to do something.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. We can help guide woman away from having an abortion.We need to lovingly give a woman the truth about abortion.  If she needs support send her to a crisis pregnancy center.Since the unborn is clearly a human being it is wrong for a woman to have an abortion.  If we do not speak out it is equal to agreeing that the woman has the right to kill her unborn human person.  On this issue there is no moral neutrality.
  2. We can either counsel as friend or help find counseling help for any woman who has had an abortion.  The media tries to downplay the psychological damage of a woman having an abortion.  Both men and women who have lost a baby to abortion need our assistance to find help.
  3. Defend the life of the unborn with convincing arguments at work, with your relatives, and with your friends.  Learn how to answer common objections (See parts 3 – 6) and use the acrostic SLED to diffuse pro-abortion advocates four main contentions why the unborn is not human.
  4. Teach classes or write articles defending the life of the unborn.  The materials provided in my series can serve as a foundation for communicating the truth of the issue.
  5. Lend support to crisis pregnancy centers, either financially or with your time.

In this series I have argued that abortion is not morally complex.  In the public square we can achieve moral clarity by asking three questions.  1) What is the embryo?  We answered that with science: The unborn are distinct, living, and whole human beings.  2) What makes humans valuable?  We answered that with philosophy: Humans are valuable in virtue of the kind of thing they are, not because of some acquired property.  SLED helps us make that case.  3) What can we do?

My next series of posts, I will make the case demonstrating the Bible is clearly against abortion.  These are arguments that cannot be made in the public square, since secular society has discounted the truth of the Bible.  However, for the Christian the Bible delivers God’s truth and is foundational.  What we will see in the Bible is that all unborn human persons are made in the image of God and should be protected.  I will also answer scriptural objections to the prolife position.

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