Part 1 Eternal consequences result from following the Jesus of Mormonism

As I was finishing my Mormonism series, I began to work closely with a new teacher who happened to be Mormon.  God again demonstrated His sovereignty and sense of humor to send people my way when I am working on equipping others to share.

In a short amount of time we began to dialogue about spiritual issues.  He said he had been extremely self-centered and prideful and it was costing him his family and marriage.  Everything revolved around him.  He said his wife had a Mormon background and so he decided to investigate the Mormon Church.  He needed help to save his family.  What he found was exactly what he needed; a church that emphasized family over the individual.  In his mind it didn’t matter whether it was true or not; it only mattered if it worked.  This pragmatic view enabled him to ignore the claims of Joseph Smith and plunge headlong into the religion.  He said he loves being a Mormon because it has given him meaning and purpose and saved his family.  He would probably be divorced if it wasn’t for Mormonism.

I told him my story and how I had some similar experiences with my marriage and that I too sought religious answers.  However, when my wife and I considered the Mormon Church I had some reservations that something was not right.  I eventually I came to know Jesus Christ and my life dramatically changed for the better.  After becoming a follower of Christ, I knew it was the right decision to reject the Mormon Church.  I told him I’ve learned many things that are damaging to that belief system.  He said it didn’t matter if the Joseph Smith stuff was true or not; it only mattered if it worked.

I told him if the Mormon Church is the wrong about Jesus, it would have eternal consequences; that when you die you will spend eternity separated from God.  He said he doesn’t worry about eternity; if he was to change from the Mormon Church he would lose his family and his family was more important to him then eternity in hell.

I acknowledged the possibility of losing his family if he accepts what I say is the Biblical truth about Jesus.  However, I told him if he is wrong about Jesus his family would be doomed also; they would spend eternity in hell.  I asked him wouldn’t it be the most loving thing to try to find the truth and share it with his family?  He had his doubts that I had the truth and even if I did, he wasn’t willing to risk destroying his family.

I mentioned I am currently blogging on the errors of the Mormon Church.  He said he wasn’t interested in looking because I could be right and he’d be in trouble with his family.  I told him it seems we have different priorities in our lives.  My priorities are Jesus first, then my wife, kids, and work in that order.  I said Jesus taught his disciples, you have to make him the highest priority, so high that it is as if you hate your family.  Jesus said in order to follow him we need to count the cost; and family might be one of them.  He said he couldn’t believe in a Jesus that would ask him to place his family second and Him first.

We were running out of time, so I had to wrap things up.  Since it was Friday, I told him next week I could show him the scriptures where Jesus said that.  In Luke Jesus would challenge my new friend.  Jesus said all who follow Him must count the cost.  In my next post I will write about my experience of sharing the truth of Luke 14:25-33.

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  • Tom Wright December 13, 2010, 9:14 pm

    Had no idea that your church believes that a fair cost of embracing Jesus is losing your family. Is what I’m reading correct? What happened to the Jesus of love and acceptance? What about the innocent kids?

  • Steve December 19, 2010, 2:14 pm

    What Jesus was asking was for his followers to make him number one; to love your family less than Him. The Bible teaches Jesus is fully God and fully man and is the creator of the universe. Since I believe this is true, then anything less than full devotion to my creator would be blasphemy. You have a hard time understanding this because you don’t believe in God and you believe Jesus was just another human being.

    Making Jesus number one doesn’t mean you don’t take care of your family. You will find statistically, parents who are devoted to following Jesus make some of the best parents. The Bible strongly supports the family and Jesus was a strong proponent of the family; he dearly loved children.

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