College Life and Apologetics Part 1

The following are posts by a young man, Nathan Apodaca, who I have had the privilege of discipling over the last few years.  He has a passion for making a case for Christianity wherever he can.  In this series he will talk about sharing on a college campus.

I was home-schooled through a private Christian school in my hometown, where I learned many key ideas of the Christian faith. I am currently a sophomore in college where I am working on my B.A. in Criminal Justice.

I got involved in apologetics in high school after encountering several of the arguments for atheism from an online blog. At the time I was writing a paper on the creation vs. evolution debate for a high school project. As I was doing my research, I came across the website, Talk , which happens to be a pro-Darwin evolution website. As I was reading through the articles, they made what seemed like convincing arguments that trusting the Bible was based on the notion of blind faith and faulty reasoning.  I began to question my faith. However, due to my stubbornness, I decided to look for answers to the questions the site posed.

Thankfully, I found many of the answers I was looking for. I then bought a copy of the book Is God Just a Human Invention?  by Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow (I highly recommend it ).  This book answered many of my questions. I was also fortunate enough to attend an Apologetics class, hosted by my youth group at church, using the curriculum from Focus on the Family called True-U. At this point, I became very interested in the discipline of apologetics (making a case for Christianity).

As I have gone through my first year of college I have had many interactions with people where I have been able to discuss the truth of the Gospel, and the reasons why I think Christianity has the answers to life’s questions. In my next few posts I will discuss some of the arguments I have heard on my college campus in San Marcos, California.

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