Bruce Waltke headed to Knox Theological Seminary?

The following is an article dealing with the controversy of seminary professor Bruce Waltke announcing via a video that he supports theistic evolution.  Read the story at:

I enjoyed reading the blog posted on the Christianity Today (CT) web site.  This outburst of anger just shows how uniformed Christians are on this issue science and the Bible.  Tolerance of different viewpoints, in the area of science, is certainly needed.  I know why people get so inflamed; they think the truth of the Bible is under attack.  I disagree with Bruce Waltke's position but I don't doubt his love of the Bible and his vast Scriptural knowledge.  I own his book “Old Testament Theology” and love his thematic approach to the major events.  I ran a conference on science and the Bible a few years ago at Emmanuel Faith Community Church that caused some ripples and a few families left the church because “old earth” Hugh Ross spoke.  Ignorance on science and the Bible needs to be addressed in the church. I hope in the near future we will see more churches doing a better job of teaching their people to have a more informed viewpoint in the area of science.  We live in a scientific age and ignorance is not a spiritual discipline.

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