Becoming a Good Ambassador for Christ part 3

Answering the Tough Questions Part 3

2 Corinthians 5:20

(…continued from part 2)

A Good Ambassador for Christ…

2.Makes conversations safe for non-Christians

·Make sure you stay relaxed.Being calm will help the person be at ease.Too many Christians get overzealous and let their emotions get out of control.This will make what you say seem confrontational.

·Don’t be pushy with your beliefs. I am constantly undoing the work of overzealous Christians who jam their Christianity down the throats of people who are far from Christ.Non-Christians are surprised when I dialogue with them and treat them with respect; this is not what many Christians do.

·Make sure you listen to learn.Intently listen to what they have to say and ask clarifying questions about what they believe. We can learn from everyone.

·If you are asked by the person, could you be wrong, answer yes.

If you say I couldn’t be wrong what do they perceive?

§You are arrogant, close minded, a religious idiot.

§Why talk to you because obviously you cannot learn anything.

§You think you are equal with God.

If you say I could be wrong what do they perceive?

§You are open to what they have to say.

§You are humble.

§You take evidence seriously.

§You realize you are not God and don’t know everything.

True openness is communicated by saying “I can be wrong.”I usually use this tactic during an intense spiritual conversation with an intellectual.It is extremely attractive to people and invites further conversations.

To believe something is true we don’t need absolute certainty.If you are 51% sure about something then you believe it.This means most beliefs are not 100% and you can be wrong.It also means through growing in knowledge, you can strengthen your beliefs.

·Affirm their answers – “That’s a really good question.”“Wow that was a good answer.”Be truthful, not phony but let them know how much you appreciate their thinking.

3. End comments with a question

·When you share a belief or an opinion, follow that with…

Does that make sense?

What do you think?

Do you see my point of view?

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