Attacking the Fundamentalist

I am going to discuss highlights of an article from a Facebook site called “Free Will Astrology.”  The article from this site was posted by a friend who loved it.  The logical fallacies of this article reveal problems with those who are religious pluralists (all religions are equal).  The author of the article is Rob Brezney[1]

“He [fundamentalist] divides the world into two camps, those who agree with him and those who don't. There is only one right way to interpret the world, and a million wrong ways. Correct belief is the only virtue.”

Rob begins by establishing fundamentalists are those who believe they are right.  His religious examples of fundamentalists are Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism.  He says these religions divide the world into two ideological camps.  As He does this his article is dividing the readers into two camps; the fundamentalists and the non-fundamentalists.  Rob wrote the article because he believes he is right.  As you can see it didn’t take him long to self-refute himself.  Based on his own definition, he is a fundamentalist attacking himself.  He goes on and writes…

“I know astrologers who insist there's only one way to do astrology right. I know Buddhists who adamantly decree that the inherent nature of life on Earth is suffering. I know progressive activists who sincerely believe that every single Republican is either stupid or evil or both. I know college administrators who would excommunicate any psychology professor who dared to discuss the teachings of Carl Jung, who was in my opinion one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. I know pagans who refuse to consider any other version of Jesus Christ beyond the sick parody the Christian right has fabricated.”

“None of the true believers like to hear that there are at least three sides to every story. They don't want to consider the hypothesis that everyone has a piece of the truth.”

Here Rob admits many views commit his fallacy of being a fundamentalist, of believing there are only two views.  He thinks he escapes this problem by saying, “They don't want to consider the hypothesis that everyone has a piece of the truth.”  Rob you have just done what you are condemning, you have presented your fundamentalist fallacy of two views.  He essentially has said there are 1) those who think they are right and 2) those who think everyone has a piece of the truth.  Where is this mysterious third side to the story?

My favorite way to expose the exclusive beliefs of the “everyone has a piece of the truth” camp is to ask, if I say only Christianity has the answer to how to get into heaven, am I right or am I wrong?  If they say I am right they are admitting only Christianity has the truth, thus refuting the belief everyone has the truth.  If they say I am wrong then Christianity doesn’t have a piece of the truth.  Both answers show why this supposedly inclusive view is self-defeating.

What I’ve found is people often reply, “Well Christianity is true for you.”  I then tell them that is your view and not what I said.  My view is Christianity is the only true religion for everyone, everywhere, and for all time.  Am I right or am I wrong?”  They will refuse to answer because they know they are in trouble; their view is self-refuting.

Rob goes on to say how dangerous fundamentalism is, as he continues to proclaim his fundamentalist view.  I’ve always wondered why people who rail against a view miss the fact they are railing against themselves.

[1]  Read the entire article at: Rob Brezney, “Free will Astrology,” November 22nd, 2013


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