Fact #2: Jesus’ disciples believed that he rose and appeared to them To establish this fact I will use 3 lines of evidence; 1) Paul’s testimony about the disciples, 2) oral traditions passed through the early church, and 3) written works of the early church. I will begin with looking at the writings of the […] Read more


Fact #1: Jesus was killed by crucifixion Skeptic James Tabor says, “I think we need have no doubt that given Jesus’ execution by Roman crucifixion he was truly dead.” Both atheistic New Testament critic Gerd Ludemann and agnotic Bart Ehrman, calls the crucifixion an indisputable fact.  Why? First all four Gospels report it. They are […] Read more


Part 5 Five historical facts

In constructing a case for Jesus’ resurrection, it’s important to distinguish between the evidence and the best explanation of that evidence. This distinction is crucial because in this case the evidence is relatively uncontroversial; it’s agreed to by most scholars. On the other hand, the explanation of that evidence is controversial. My conclusion, that the […] Read more


Part 2 we saw that Paul was the champion of salvation by grace through faith.  Our next task is to look at the book of James.  Does he teach we are saved by works? Does James contradict the teachings of Paul? Many people have struggled with some verses from the book of James.  Martin Luther […] Read more


Were the Gospel Writers Biased?

The following was written by James Warner Wallace founder of the apologetic organization “Please Convince Me.”  He provides excellent answers for anyone making the claim the Biblical writers were biased.  Objection: There is insufficient non-Christian historical evidence to substantiate that Jesus lived. All the supposed eyewitnesses of the life of Jesus were Christians. They cannot […] Read more

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[…] Read more


Saved by Grace through Faith

Last week, while teaching a class, I was talking about how we are saved by grace through faith and not by works.  I mentioned we have this sense that when we wrong someone we need to do something good.  An individual in the class asked where these feelings of doing good, whenever we do bad, come from.   […] Read more


Part 4 Is the Bible reliable?

Since the individual books of the Bible are my primary sources of information, in support of the resurrection, I do have to defend why I think we can trust those books historically.  This will be a brief defense.  Much more could be said to support the historicity of the Bible. According to historians the closer […] Read more


I am arguing that Jesus physical rose from the dead after 3 days and appeared to many.  What you have to understand is there is a lot at stake if I am wrong about this.  The Apostle Paul states the problem in 1 Corinthians 15:17-19 “And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is […] Read more


Part one on the resurrection ended with these questions:  If they found the bones of Jesus would that destroy your faith?  Would that destroy Christianity?  John Dominic Crossan, professor from DePaul University, said, “It certainly would not destroy my Christian faith [if bones were found].  I leave what happens to the bodies up to God.”  […] Read more


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