Using a watch and a fish to argue for design

I wonder how an atheist would answer the following: Walking along the beach, a watch washed up along the shoreline.Did the watch come into existence by accident or design? As we walked further along the beach, a fish washed up on the shore.Did the fish come into existence by accident or design? Between a fish […] Read more


What is Biblical Faith?

Faith is a word that is deeply misunderstood. Some people define “faith” as believing the impossible. People of “faith” believe that which is contrary to evidence. People of “faith” ignore reality. I had one friend tell me that with all the scientific discoveries it takes all the faith he can muster to believe Genesis chapter […] Read more


How to Persuade Others Part 1

Many people hate the word “argue.”  What comes to mind is fighting, yelling, and screaming at each other and causing divisions that sometimes never get reconciled.  We’ve all seen them; totally inappropriate emotional outbursts that hurt others.  It is probably safe to say most of us have been part of this sort of disagreement at […] Read more


Becoming a Good Ambassador for Christ part 3

Image via Wikipedia Answering the Tough Questions Part 3 2 Corinthians 5:20 (…continued from part 2) A Good Ambassador for Christ… 2.Makes conversations safe for non-Christians ·Make sure you stay relaxed.Being calm will help the person be at ease.Too many Christians get overzealous and let their emotions get out of control.This will make what you […] Read more


Sharing with Knowledge & Wisdom Part 3

Image via Wikipedia Col. 4:2-6 So based on what Paul is challenging us to do, I am going to give you some ideas I hope will help you learn to share with wisdom. First… We need to spend time with non-Christians. •   For many Christians, who don’t have non-Christian friends, this is a difficult step. […] Read more


(The following was written by Dylan Valenzuela, a member of the Biblical Worldview Academy.He created a strategy to use with Jehovah Witnesses. For additional information about their beliefs concerning the 144,000 read the archived 5 part series “Accurately Interpreting the Scriptures.”Steve) I saw two Jehovah Witness ladies coming up my hill as I was leaving […] Read more


Sharing with Knowledge & Wisdom Part 2

Image via Wikipedia Answering the Tough Questions Part 2 Col. 4:2-6 Colossians 4:2-6 are great verses for sharing with knowledge and wisdom.In the first two chapters of the Book of Colossians Paul was warning this new church about false teachers.Paul never identifies the heresy but makes strong statements in his opposition.Beginning in chapter 3 Paul […] Read more


Sharing with Knowledge & Wisdom Part 1

Image via Wikipedia Answering the Tough Questions Part 2 Col. 4:2-6 My job, with a national type 2 diabetes study, is to train physical education teachers on how to increase physical activity. The goal is to reduce the risks of obesity and type 2 diabetes. My tactic in changing teacher behavior is to form friendship […] Read more


Set Apart Christ as Lord Part 3

  Answering the Tough Questions 1 Peter 3:15 Peter is now going to show us how to set apart Christ as Lord.1 Peter 3:15b, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”   Remember […] Read more


The evidence for design seems to be strong, so why hasn’t intelligent design made an impact on the scientific community?  Why is intelligent design continually labeled pseudo-science? The reason is it has been defined out of the discussion by scientists.  To help you understand, I will use some definitions from a teaching by Greg Koukl […] Read more


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