Next I would like to move to an inside the church discussion. II. How Old is the Universe For scientists this is not a controversial issue.  Today’s best estimate is the universe is 14.6 billion years old and the earth is 4.5 billion years old.  Physicists and astronomers are the ones that have arrived at […] Read more


Let me begin our discussion where God begins: I. In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1) The Bible teaches the entire universe came into existence out of nothing.  The phrase ex nihilo is used because is means, “out of nothing.”  What this means is before the creation of the universe, […] Read more

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I am beginning a new series discussing issues of science and faith.    I would like to demonstrate how science and Christianity are compatible.  As I begin I would like to establish some ground rules. The Bible is not a scientific textbook. It will not use precise scientific language and will describe events from the perspective […] Read more


Part 13 Did morality evolve?

The last objection to objective morality is… 3.     Morality evolved People who believe in the theory of evolution make a case that morality is simply a matter of genetics.  There are major problems with this viewpoint.  According to this view, natural selection works in the genes.  Morality can be explained mechanistically through chance genetic mutations […] Read more


Now if moral relativism isn’t true then the only option is objective morality is true.  However, relativists have some… IV. Three Arguments against Objective Morality 1.     Cultures practice different morals A key reason for being a moral relativist is the fact we observe what seems like different morals for different cultures.  One culture believes a […] Read more


Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

Was the Tomb Empty? I will use the Bible, not as the Word of God, but as reliable historical documents. I will primarily use the account from an eyewitness Matthew, who was one of the disciples of Jesus. Some believe the Resurrection of Jesus is a story, myth, or legend. Others believe it is the […] Read more


Additional problems with relativism to share in a conversation I will continue the story of my walk with Hito that I introduced in part 2.  You will get to peak in on the actual conversation and by doing so I hope you continue to learn how to expose major weaknesses of moral relativism. Before we went […] Read more


Arguments against Moral Relativism  1.    Not an ethical system Herein lies the first problem; moral relativism is not an ethical system.  Why?  The reason is best summed up with these questions; what is the difference between a moral relativist and a person without morals?  How does a relativist make moral decisions?  He decides whatever he thinks […] Read more


I will now answer a couple of popular objections.  Remember how I started this series, quoting two of the New Atheists as they attacked religious beliefs.  Christopher Hitchens titled one the chapters in his book “Religion Kills” and Richard Dawkins chose to name a chapter “Childhood, Abuse, and the Escaped from Religion.”   These men and […] Read more


Part 7 Pleasure and power as ethics

The moral relativist says all morality originates with people; either the individual decides or society creates the moral rules.  Let’s look at each one: Pleasure as ethics – Other names this can go by is “I say relativism” or “individual ethical relativism” or “ethical subjectivism.”  The basic belief is that individual preferences offer the only […] Read more


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