The following is an objection from the web site “The Society for Biblical Illumination.”   It is supported by atheists in San Diego California. If you are a real Christian, you have to believe the Adam & Eve myth. Without it, you have no original sin. With no original sin, you have no reason for Jesus […] Read more


Does God Approve of Abortion?

I am continuing to answer the atheist flyer I received in San Diego.  They say 2 Kings 8:12 supports the practice of abortion.  I will begin with an overview of 2 Kings 8:7-11 to provide the context for the passage in question. The prophet Elisha has arrived at Damascus.  Ben-hadad king of Aram is sick […] Read more


Does God Approve of Human Sacrifices?

At Balboa Park in San Diego a group of Atheists each weekend setup a booth to try to build a community of unbelievers for fun and fellowship.  They also like to challenge Christians on certain passages from the Bible.  They have available a flyer with 5 objections to the God of the Bible.  I will […] Read more


Here is a second example of overstating your case.  It is a quote from an atheist Cornell University professor Dr. William Provine: “Let me summarize my views on what modern evolutionary biology tells us loud and clear … There are no gods, no purposes, no goal-directed forces of any kind. There is no life after […] Read more


Part 2 Example of Overstating Your Case

Jehovah’s Witnesses are famous for overstating their case.  They make outlandish claims that are blindly believed by their faithful followers.  Let me share an example: In the Watchtower Organization booklet “Should You Believe in the Trinity?” it tried to make the case the early church never taught the Trinity and their ancient writings supported Watchtower […] Read more


Do any archeological finds show the Bible to be historically unreliable? The key to remember is archeology and the Bible needs to be interpreted.    When we interpret anything we need to be as unbiased as possible.  It is important in both fields to understand the culture and the historical context during that the time period.  […] Read more


Jehovah’s Witnesses and others argue that after the crucifixion, Jesus rose spiritually from the dead.  They say it was not a physical/bodily resurrection.  They use the words of the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 as their primary source.  Were the appearances of Jesus after his death simply a vision projected by God?  Did his […] Read more


How to Ask Questions part 4

In part 3 I encouraged you to listen to the person challenging your beliefs and assess who has the burden of proof.  If he is simply offering an opinion, ask him to defend his conclusion.  You can do that by first asking, “What do you mean by that” as a way of gaining clarification of […] Read more


Moral Collapse in London

Unrest in London has been headline news that past few days.  We read from the news wire in London (CNN) – Prime Minister David Cameron blames the riots that shook Britain over the past 10 days on a “slow-motion moral collapse … in parts of our country,” he said Monday, as police arrested a new […] Read more


How to Ask Questions part 3

Who has the burden of proof? The burden of proof simply means the person who expressed his opinion must justify or explain the reasons for holding that belief.  It is a vital skill to establish in a conversation who has the burden of proof.  The pressure is always on the one who has to justify […] Read more


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