Question:  When an unbeliever dies will there be levels of punishment? The Bible seems to teach people will be judged by the severity of their sins.  For example Jesus pronounced judgment upon cities where He had performed miracles but they refused to repent and believe.  Jesus speaking, Matthew 11:21-24 “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to […] Read more


What is Faith? Part 1

Have you ever heard the statement, “Well if you don’t understand, just have faith!”  This is an answer given by many well-meaning Christians.  Numerous young people have walked away from Christianity simply because their questions were never addressed.  The only answer they got was, “Quit doubting and just have faith.” Faith is a word that […] Read more


Does God Approve of Human Sacrifices?

At Balboa Park in San Diego a group of Atheists each weekend setup a booth to try to build a community of unbelievers for fun and fellowship.  They also like to challenge Christians on certain passages from the Bible.  They have available a flyer with 5 objections to the God of the Bible.  I will […] Read more


Why on earth are we here?  As we look at the odds against the existence of human life on earth, let alone any life, it seems reasonable to point to a designer.  However, this doesn’t sit well with atheists and the scientific community. Dennis Prager, Los Angeles radio talk show host and editorial writer gives […] Read more


So much of my inspiration for this series was provided by the thought provoking book by A.W. Pink called Studies on Saving Faith.  His writings confronted the religious believer (spiritless) and gave indicators of what a spirit-filled follower of Jesus would look like. Pink’s challenge to the reader was to examine yourself to see if […] Read more


The following comments on how religious attenders impact the church are not taken directly from any one resource.  I will be using over 25 years of experience as a church attender, pastor, preacher, avid reader (theology & apologetics), and leader in the church.   I do not consider myself an expert in this area.  What I […] Read more


ASSESSING THE BOOK OF MORMON Instead of praying over the Book of Mormon, we need to look for evidence.  What do we find when we test the Book of Mormon? Stolen Transcripts: As Joseph Smith used stones to translate the golden plates, some detractors created a plan.  These critics stole 116 pages of the original […] Read more


I am exploring the issue of people who call themselves a Christian, go to church, and read their Bibles but are not spirit-filled believers.  What are some reasons for why Christianity has spiritless religious people? Many times the word Christian is used as an adjective.  “That was the Christian thing to do.”  Usually people mean […] Read more


How Consistent Do We Need To Be?

 The following is a pro-life defense concerning how we, who defend the life of the unborn, are supposedly inconsistent.  It is written by Nathan Apodaca and posted on the Life Training Institute blog site for Friday May 11, 2018.   This is an argument I have heard multiple times in discussions with students on college campuses.  […] Read more


Don’t be Religious Part 2

In all world religions being religious is desirable.  The word “religious” in this context is devotion to the precepts of the belief system.  Participating in the various ceremonial activities is part of being religious. Christianity is different.  Being religious has both a positive and negative connotation.  If you are a spirit filled believer in Jesus […] Read more


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