Part 18 The Father does not have a body

I am answering the question does God the Father have a body?  My first point was the Bible teaches God is a spirit (part 17).  Here I am giving additional support. −       God does not change and never progressed from a man to God Mal. 3:6 “For I, the Lord, do not change; therefore you, […] Read more


Part 17 Does God the Father have a body?

The next few posts I will cover topics I use to show Mormons their belief system is false.  We will begin with a Biblical issue concerning God the Father. Does God the Father have a Body? The following is a paraphrase of an actual dialogue I had with two Mormon Missionaries. Me: Do you believe […] Read more


Part 16 Moving past feelings to the truth

Image via Wikipedia Moving a Mormon from Heart to Head In the previous post I used 2 Corinthians 11 as a strategy to move a Mormon away from utilizing their prayers and feelings in the heart as a method for testing all truth.  Now I would like to give you some key points to accomplish […] Read more


Recently, I met with two Mormon missionaries, where we talked about testing beliefs.   Following some discussion, I asked, if evidence shows the Book of Mormon false and your prayers say it is true, which one will you follow?  They said they would believe their prayers. Do you see how they have been trained to believe […] Read more


As I wrap up this section on analyzing Mormon doctrines I need to summarize some key points. If a Mormon says he believes in the Trinity, ask him to define it.  Remember they are polytheists; they believe in many gods. If a Mormon says he believes we are saved by grace through faith, ask him […] Read more


Part 12 The truth about heaven and hell

What does Christianity teach about heaven and hell? The Bible describes the place where God dwells as “heaven.”  In Matthew 6:9 Jesus taught the disciples to pray, “Our Father who are in heaven.”  Jesus is with the Father in heaven.  During the stoning of Stephen we read in Acts 7:55,“But being full of the Holy […] Read more


Part 10 The truth about salvation

I am continuing to analyze Mormon doctrines versus historic Biblical Christianity.  When we looked at the Trinity we saw that Christianity teaches one God subsists in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Each member of the Trinity is co-equal and co-eternal.  However, Mormons deny the Trinity and believe there are three gods of this […] Read more


Wait a minute!  Did you say there is a problem sharing Christ with Christians?  Don’t they by definition already know Jesus? I was working in the vendor’s area at a physical education conference and as I was setting up the booth, I got into a spiritual conversation with a woman next to our display.  She […] Read more


Is Religious Belief Man-Made?

I received this question from a friend.  “Have you ever run into somebody who says ‘Religion is all man-made.  Because ancient man couldn’t figure out the universe he came up with “gods” to answer the questions.  He is still doing it today.’  This is how my boss sees any kind of faith as just something […] Read more


CAN PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM EXPLAIN THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION? Punctuated equilibrium predicts the biological change we see over millions of years will occur in large jumps as a result of natural selection.  It focuses on the species as a whole.  Whereas Darwinian evolution predicts slow change over time, punctuated equilibrium proposes massive changes acting upon the species.  […] Read more


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