I will finish with my series of scriptures Jehovah’s Witnesses use to refute the Trinity (Additional verses can be found at parts 10, 11, 12, and 13).  Books have been written answering far more passages.  At the end of the series I will refer to resources I have found helpful in sharing with Jehovah’s Witnesses.  […] Read More


I am going examine some of the Biblical passages Jehovah’s Witnesses use when they knock at your door.  They feel these scriptures are strong evidence for not believing in the doctrine of the Trinity.  Understanding how to answer these passages will strengthen your beliefs and enable you to refute their challenges. As I studied the […] Read More


When sharing with the Witnesses at your door, just remember they are usually well prepared.  Dr. Walter Martin used to say they are trained to turn the average Christian into a doctrinal pretzel.  This is why we need to study and be prepared for them.  We need to be willing to do for the truth […] Read More

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What Happened to Freedom of Religion?

  Our first amendment rights, the right to free speech and freedom of Religion has been foundational to the freedom of expression our country was founded upon.  When we think of restricting free speech and religion we think of countries located in the Middle Eastor under Communist regimes.  However, today under the umbrella of tolerance, […] Read More


Part 6 What is a cult?

WHAT IS A CULT? People often call Jehovah’s Witnesses a cult.  Is this an appropriate term?  The word cult can have multiple definitions, both sociological and theological.  It seems when people hear the word cult they think of a crazy individual leading people to do bizarre things, like Jim Jones ordering his people to drink […] Read More


Part 5 Why study with Witnesses

Why study a group like Jehovah’s Witnesses?  One of the primary reasons is to protect the church against error.  Jesus warned His disciples about false prophets who would come and act as if they were true followers.  Matthew 7:15-23 (NIV).  “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they […] Read More


Part 4 Understanding the Watchtower Organization

Understanding the Watchtower Organization Individual Jehovah’s Witnesses are expected by the organization to share their faith.  Once someone converts to this belief system they are trained in Watchtower materials and then taken to the streets with an experienced partner going door to door telling people how to become a Jehovah Witness.  Later he or she […] Read More


How Consistent Do We Need To Be?

This guest post is by Nathan Apodaca, blogger and friend from the Life Training Institute.Pro-Lifers like me are inconsiderate, hypocritical jerks.That’s what you will think if you spend enough time listening to those who criticize pro-life conservatives for their alleged inconsistency. Consider the words of Pastor John Pavlovitz during the 2016 Presidential Election, a writer, […] Read More


Part 3 Watchtower failed prophecies

Failed Prophecies For this section I will use the work of Matt Slick of Christian Apologetics Research Ministry to provide a list of false prophecies of the Watchtower Organization. If they are the only true church and are the only true voice of God’s word, then what they say should prove to be true, especially […] Read More


I am beginning a new series.  My primary objective is to equip Christians to learn how to discuss the Bible with Jehovah Witnesses.  It is likely every person reading this has been visited by a Jehovah Witness at one time or another and knowing what to say would be of value.  I will provide you […] Read More


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Counting the Cost
Is God the Author of the Bible?
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What Ever Happened to Hell?
Accurately Interpreting the Scriptures
Understanding the Christian Worldview
Accused of Partnering in Wickedness
Set Apart Christ as Lord
Sharing with Knowledge & Wisdom
Becoming a Good Ambassador for Christ
How to Persuade Others

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