Is the Faith of Mormonism Blind?

Question:  Why do Mormons avoid evidence and depend on faith alone? Answer:  Whenever I pose a difficult spiritual issue to Mormons, they always go to their heart as their answer.  “I have this burning in my heart that tells me this is true.”  Answering with feelings and not evidence is what I call blind faith.  […] Read More


Understanding the Cambrian Explosion Part 1

Over the year’s critics of Darwinian evolution have used an anomaly in the fossil record as evidence against the theory.  A few years ago I wrote a paper detailing why the facts of the Cambrian Explosion are strong evidence against Darwinian evolution.  My objective for posting this series is to equip you to make a […] Read More


The stunning illogic of Roe v. Wade

With the current fear from the left on the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I thought I would post an article that captures the issue from a pro-life perspective.  Patrick Lee does a great job of framing how the U.S. Supreme Court decision was based on faulty reasoning.  Enjoy, Steve Bruecker In its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, […] Read More


Actions Run on the Rails of Beliefs

Certain surveys appear to show the actions and moral values of Christians similar to those who don’t attend church.  I’ve seen stats on divorce saying it is as high as 50% both inside and outside the church.  The reaction of many pastors is to preach more sermons aimed at what the Bible says about proper […] Read More


This will be my final post examining worldviews.  I will briefly evaluate Mormonism and Islam asking a few important questions and using REAL to test the answers. Mormonism God –Is there more than one God?  What is the nature of God?  Mormons believe there are millions of gods in the universe.  They also believe the […] Read More


Atheism loves to attack other belief systems.  However, it has its own problems.  I have yet to hear anyone make a strong case for why atheism is true.  It seems 99% of the time atheists try to prove other worldviews false. Since atheism doesn’t have a standard set of doctrines or answers to these tough […] Read More


How to Test a Worldview Part 3 Testing Christianity

I will now test a few different belief systems.  In this short series I will not be able to delve into extensive details on each viewpoint.  I will begin by testing the Christian worldview. The answers will be brief. God – Who and what is God?  Does God exist? God is a personal being. God […] Read More


How to Test a Worldview Part 2 What are the Issues?

Every worldview should be tested by REAL[1] (Reason, Experience, Authority, and Living).  If you live by an unexamined belief system, you are living by blind faith.  Evidence for your beliefs will not be necessary.  This seems to be the plight of most Mormons.  Truth is not tested; it is felt in the heart and discovered […] Read More


Do All Roads Lead to Heaven? Part 2 What is Truth?

Do All Roads Lead to Heaven? I will begin by defining what is meant when people say all roads lead to heaven.  When it comes to religious beliefs, all are equally valid and it is wrong to say a belief is false. All religions have truth.  It is equally wrong to say yours is the […] Read More


Do All Roads Lead to Heaven? Part 1

Why do you believe what you believe?   Why am I a Christian, an atheist, a Buddhist, a Mormon, a Hindu, or whatever?  What would you say? There are many reasons why people hold beliefs.  Some are emotional.  Some are solid rational reasons.  A person may say I believe in Mormonism because God gave me a […] Read More


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