Part 14 How to communicate to someone moral relativism is false

In my final installment on objective morality, let me conclude with a very practical summary. If you want to converse with a moral relativist you need to understand… What is moral relativism? Remember moral relativism teaches that right and wrong is determined by the beliefs of an individual or society.  The majority of relativists believe […] Read More


Part 11 All three persons of the Trinity co-equal

Here is the definition of the Trinity I have been utilizing: One God subsists in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; co-equal and co-eternal.  Recently, while talking with two Jehovah Witnesses I was challenged on my view of Jesus and the Father being co-equal. All three persons are co-equal They attacked equality of the […] Read More


Part 13 Did morality evolve?

The last objection to objective morality is… 3.     Morality evolved People who believe in the theory of evolution make a case that morality is simply a matter of genetics.  There are major problems with this viewpoint.  According to this view, natural selection works in the genes.  Morality can be explained mechanistically through chance genetic mutations […] Read More


Did Jesus Teach we are Saved by Works?

Question: Did Jesus actually teach we are saved by works in Matthew 5:20?  Did He contradict the teachings of the Apostle Paul? Answer:  Matthew 5:20 “For I say to you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” If Jesus taught we can earn […] Read More


  What happens when two objective morals come into conflict?  When this occurs it is called a…   2.     Moral dilemma Some people argue against objective morals by presenting a moral dilemma, one that seems to indicate that in the end all morals are relative.  The Bible actually helps us with an example. In the […] Read More


Now if moral relativism isn’t true then the only option is objective morality is true.  However, relativists have some… IV. Three Arguments against Objective Morality 1.     Cultures practice different morals A key reason for being a moral relativist is the fact we observe what seems like different morals for different cultures.  One culture believes a […] Read More


Part 10 Who is the positive moral hero of relativism?

I am continuing the conversation I had with Hito (part 9) while hiking in Yosemite.  I then asked him… Who is the positive moral hero of moral relativism? He looked at me and said I’ve never been asked that question.  I pointed out the moral hero of helping the poor is Mother Teresa.  The moral […] Read More


Part 9 A relativist cannot say what Hitler did was wrong

Additional problems with relativism to share in a conversation I will continue the story of my walk with Hito that I introduced in part 2.  You will get to peak in on the actual conversation and by doing so I hope you continue to learn how to expose major weaknesses of moral relativism. Before we went […] Read More


Part 8 Moral relativism is not an ethical system

Arguments against Moral Relativism  1.    Not an ethical system Herein lies the first problem; moral relativism is not an ethical system.  Why?  The reason is best summed up with these questions; what is the difference between a moral relativist and a person without morals?  How does a relativist make moral decisions?  He decides whatever he thinks […] Read More


Part 7 Pleasure and power as ethics

The moral relativist says all morality originates with people; either the individual decides or society creates the moral rules.  Let’s look at each one: Pleasure as ethics – Other names this can go by is “I say relativism” or “individual ethical relativism” or “ethical subjectivism.”  The basic belief is that individual preferences offer the only […] Read More


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