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Part 18 Was the universe caused or uncaused?

Arguing for the Existence of God

Both the big bang and 2nd law of thermodynamics refute an eternal universe (previous posts). Therefore, the universe had a beginning.  Next we will look at step 2 of the Kalaam Cosmological Argument for the existence of God.

2. The universe was either caused or uncaused

A. Universe uncaused

If we say there was no cause to the beginning of the universe, and we know the universe can’t be eternal, then nothing was the cause.  The universe simply jumped into existence from nowhere, caused by nothing.  Some people contend that something can come from nothing.

In the July 20th 1998 article from US News and World Report, physicist Alexander Vilenkin of Tufts University, proposed his theory of why it is possible to have an infinite number of universes.  Vilenkin believes that what came before creation was nothing in the literal sense; therefore the formation of universes will never end, since you can never run out of nothing.  His contention is that nothing was the cause of the creation of the universe.What was His proof?  You guessed it, nothing.  Vilenkin chooses to believe in the power of nothing rather than God.

Aristotle wrote this, “Nothing is what rocks dream about!”  It is obvious that out of nothing comes nothing.  If the universe couldn’t possibly be uncaused then the only alternative is…

B. Universe was caused

No other conclusion is possible.  From here I will move to my final leg of the Kalaam Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God.

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