What about global warming?

Part 20 Design of the universe reveals God

The Truth about the Galileo Trial

Part 19 Was the cause personal or impersonal

Where is the Alleged Contradiction?

Part 21 Additional evidence for the design of the universe

Part 18 Was the universe caused or uncaused?

Part 16 Big bang reveals the universe had a beginning

Part 15 Origin of the universe reveals God

Part 8 What is microevolution & macroevolution?

Part 14 Arguing for the existence of God

Part 13 Belief in evolution an example of blind faith

Part 11 Bible teaches all life created by God

Part 10 Problems with complexity of biological life

Part 9 Problems with life coming from non-life?

Part 7 Is Darwinian Evolution a fact?

Part 5 Age of the earth/universe – young earth & old earth

Part 4 What creation teaches us about God

Part 1 Reason one: why studying science & faith is important

Design Defended

Using a watch and a fish to argue for design

Intelligent Design as Science Part 2 Arguing for Design

Do Objective Morals Exist?
Answering Tough Questions
Counting the Cost
Is God the Author of the Bible?
God’s Holiness and Love Wins
Ministering to Mormons in Utah
Challenging a Jehovah’s Witness
What Ever Happened to Hell?
Accurately Interpreting the Scriptures
Understanding the Christian Worldview
Accused of Partnering in Wickedness
Set Apart Christ as Lord
Sharing with Knowledge & Wisdom
Becoming a Good Ambassador for Christ
How to Persuade Others

Video Introduction

Exposing the Deceit of the Watchtower Organization
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