Discovering the Historical Jesus

Part 8 How does archeology support the New Testament

Part 7 Does archeology support the Biblical Jesus

Part 6 How did Pliny the Younger support the Biblical Jesus

Part 5 How did Cornelius Tacitus support the Biblical Jesus

Part 2 Assessing the critics of the historical Jesus

Part 1 Discovering the Historical Jesus

Do Objective Morals Exist?
Answering Tough Questions
Counting the Cost
Is God the Author of the Bible?
God’s Holiness and Love Wins
Ministering to Mormons in Utah
Challenging a Jehovah’s Witness
What Ever Happened to Hell?
Accurately Interpreting the Scriptures
Understanding the Christian Worldview
Accused of Partnering in Wickedness
Set Apart Christ as Lord
Sharing with Knowledge & Wisdom
Becoming a Good Ambassador for Christ
How to Persuade Others

Video Introduction

Exposing the Deceit of the Watchtower Organization
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