Part 10 Problems with complexity of biological life

Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact? Evolution has a major problem with life coming from non-life.  The problem get even worse answering the question… Why is early life more complex than our laptop computers? For Darwinian evolution to be true not only must life come from non-life but early life must be simple and over time […] Read More


Part 9 Problems with life coming from non-life?

Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact? Macroevolution has two pillars that both have to be in place in order for it to be true.  If either one is wrong the theory fails.  One pillar is life has to somehow come from non-life and secondly, the fossil record has to be loaded with transitional fossils.  Let’s look […] Read More


Part 7 Is Darwinian Evolution a fact?

Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact? As a public school teacher I asked one of the science teachers at my school if he wanted to discuss the issue of evolution versus creation.  He accepted the invitation and we began meeting 2-3 days a week in his room during lunch.  John was athletic, intelligent, and articulate.  He […] Read More


I am continuing my discussion of an inside the church issue concerning the interpretation of Genesis 1.  Here are five more interpretations. 3. The Framework Interpretation The distinctive feature of the Framework view is its understanding of days of the week as a metaphor. According to this interpretation, Moses used the metaphor of the week […] Read More


Next I would like to move to an inside the church discussion. II. How Old is the Universe For scientists this is not a controversial issue.  Today’s best estimate is the universe is 14.6 billion years old and the earth is 4.5 billion years old.  Physicists and astronomers are the ones that have arrived at […] Read More


Part 4 What creation teaches us about God

II. What do we learn about God from His Creation? When we hear a song we can learn something about the composer or when we see a painting we can learn about the artist.  When God creates the universe we can learn something about Him.  Here are just some the things we learn about our […] Read More


Let me begin our discussion where God begins: I. In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1) The Bible teaches the entire universe came into existence out of nothing.  The phrase ex nihilo is used because is means, “out of nothing.”  What this means is before the creation of the universe, […] Read More

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2. Understanding science will strengthen our faith Whenever I have doubts about my faith, the first thing I do is recall all the scientific evidence I’ve learned over the years.  This quickly dispels that little voice that speaks in the back of my head that says, “This Christianity stuff is all made up.”  Do you […] Read More


I am beginning a new series discussing issues of science and faith.    I would like to demonstrate how science and Christianity are compatible.  As I begin I would like to establish some ground rules. The Bible is not a scientific textbook. It will not use precise scientific language and will describe events from the perspective […] Read More


In my final installment on objective morality, let me conclude with a very practical summary. If you want to converse with a moral relativist you need to understand… What is moral relativism? Remember moral relativism teaches that right and wrong is determined by the beliefs of an individual or society.  The majority of relativists believe […] Read More


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