Immigration And The Accusation Pro-Lifers Are Inconsistent

In light of the current immigration crisis in America, I am posting another blog post by my friend and pro-life advocate Nathan Apodaca.  I will follow this post with a series I wrote on the issue of abortion.  Enjoy…Steve BrueckerBy now, most of the world is aware of the immigration crisis in America. Children of […] Read More


Does James Contradict Paul? Part 2 Saved by Grace

We begin our study of whether or not there is a contradiction by looking at what the Apostle Paul taught. Paul taught we are saved by grace through faith Paul wrote in Romans chapters 1-3 how we are under God’s judgment.  God is going pour out his wrath upon all who do wrong and His […] Read More


Does James Contradict Paul? Part 1 Faith versus Works

When I was a physical education teacher in the Escondido School District, one day I visited our school’s administrative assistant who had just had a cancerous tumor removed from her brain.  She was still at risk of dying.  As I drove down her street I prayed for God’s help because I knew I didn’t have […] Read More


What is Faith? Part 5 Faith that honors Christ

What have we learned about faith?  We honor God by… Growing in Knowledge: Biblical faith is reinforced by facts.   It does not believe in the unbelievable. Looking for Evidence: The Bible over and over again demonstrates true Biblical faith is supported by evidence.  “So that you may know” is a repeated phrase in both the […] Read More


Do All Roads Lead to Heaven? Part 4 The Answer is NO!

Since religious truth claims are objective, then the belief all roads lead to heaven is contradictory.  Here is why.  If all roads lead to heaven then all belief systems are true.  This has three major problems: If all views are true then Christianity is true.  The Christian belief Jesus is the only way to heaven and […] Read More


What is Faith? Part 3 Examples of Biblical Faith

I will provide four Biblical examples to establish faith is more than wishing.  I’d like to show there is no inconsistency between knowing something is true and having faith in it. In Exodus 3 we see Moses going out into the wilderness and encountering a burning bush where God gave him the directive to go […] Read More


What is Faith? Part 2 Defining Biblical Faith

In my previous post I established what Biblical faith is not.  I gave examples of how Biblical faith does not believe the impossible.  I would now like to define it. What is Biblical faith? Blind faith:  Believes in things when common sense tells you not to.  Another local editorial writer said this, “Among several definitions […] Read More


What is Faith? Part 1

Have you ever heard the statement, “Well if you don’t understand, just have faith!”  This is an answer given by many well-meaning Christians.  Numerous young people have walked away from Christianity simply because their questions were never addressed.  The only answer they got was, “Quit doubting and just have faith.” Faith is a word that […] Read More


Why Believing in a Creator is Reasonable

Why on earth are we here?  As we look at the odds against the existence of human life on earth, let alone any life, it seems reasonable to point to a designer.  However, this doesn’t sit well with atheists and the scientific community. Dennis Prager, Los Angeles radio talk show host and editorial writer gives […] Read More


Don’t be Religious Part 5 Examine Yourself

So much of my inspiration for this series was provided by the thought provoking book by A.W. Pink called Studies on Saving Faith.  His writings confronted the religious believer (spiritless) and gave indicators of what a spirit-filled follower of Jesus would look like. Pink’s challenge to the reader was to examine yourself to see if […] Read More


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