I would like to share a tool that will help you make a case for the intrinsic value of the unborn.  The embryo differs from a newborn in four ways, but these differences are not significant in the way that abortion-advocates need them to be.  The acrostic SLED is a helpful reminder of these non-essential […] Read More


Does God Approve of Genocide?

I am continuing to answer the objections of atheists I talked to in San Diego.  The flyer on their table said 1 Samuel 15:1-3 shows God approves of genocide.  1 Samuel 15:1-3: Then Samuel said to Saul, “The LORD sent me to anoint you as king over His people, over Israel; now therefore, listen to […] Read More


Part 9 What makes a human valuable?

What makes a human being valuable[1]? We stand before two possible futures based on two radically different views of humanity.  One view says that human beings are intrinsically valuable simply because they are human.  If something is “intrinsically valuable” it is valuable by itself and not because of its associations.  According to this view, your […] Read More


Part 7 gave a brief look at the scientific evidence supporting the unborn is a distinct, living, whole human being.  Next I would like to take on specific objections to the scientific evidence for the full humanity of the unborn.  Again I will utilize answers from Scott Klusendorf[1], who is the president of Life Training […] Read More


Part 7 Science supports pro-life

Years ago during debates on the issue of abortion, the pro-abortion side would attack by saying the pro-life side was anti-science and simply religious fanatics.  They claimed the moral high ground based on their understanding that science was on their side.  They mockingly stated the pro-lifers needed to enter the 21st century, throw away their […] Read More


Part 6 Why outlaw embryonic stem cell research?

Here is the final posting to answers to common objectives by Scott Klusendorf (see part 3, part 4, & part 5). “If research cloning and ESCR are made illegal, people suffering from illness will not find the cures they need.” Reply: Contrary to what has been repeated again and again, human embryos are not the […] Read More


Part 5 What about the issue of back-alley abortions

I am continuing to post answers to common objectives by Scott Klusendorf (see part 3 & part 4). “If abortion is restricted, women will die from back-alley abortions.” Reply: This objection makes sense if the unborn are not human.  Why subject women to a dangerous operation?  But if a human child is involved, why should […] Read More


Part 4 What about cloning?

I am continuing to post answers to common objectives by Scott Klusendorf (see part 3).   “There’s no good moral argument for making research cloning illegal.” Reply:  The key moral issue in cloning is not how a human being comes into existence, but how we treat that human being once life begins. In order to […] Read More


Part 3 Answering pro-abortion objections

As I stated previously, the abortion debate comes down to one question, what is the unborn.  However, many times when I’ve gotten into conversations on this issue, people try to sidetrack me using quick hitting objections.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Before I go into the scientific evidence I would like to take on […] Read More


Part 2 There is only one question: What is the unborn?

In part 1 I made the statement the only question that needs to be answered in the abortion debate is what is the unborn?  This question trumps all other issues such as choice, privacy, trusting women, rights, etc.  I will try to provide clarity in regards to answering this question. Imagine you are a dad […] Read More


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