Part 24 Strategy 2 when sharing with Mormons

I am continuing to share 5 principles for sharing with the Mormons at our door. 2. Be Patient: Focus on sharing with people as a long term process.  Don’t close doors by condemning or mocking the person at your door.  I’ve talked with some Christians who are proud to tell the Mormons “You are going […] Read More


Moral Relativism Can Lead to Tragedy

Chuck Colson posted an article looking at the tragic suicide of Pheobe Prince.   My contention is when morality is reduced to “I say” morality or moral relativism, there are no constraints for students to follow; they just make up right and wrong as they choose.  Schools become powerless to “force their morality” on the students.  Without objective morality there are no […] Read More


OBJECTIONS TO THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION EVIDENCE Many scientists argue the lack of transitional forms in the fossil evidence is not an indictment against evolution, only an acknowledgment concerning the incompleteness of the fossil record.  After Darwin published his findings paleontologists sympathetic to evolution made tremendous efforts to find the missing fossil evidence in the Precambrian […] Read More


Part 23 Strategy 1 when sharing with Mormons

I will share 5 principles built upon Ephesians 6:12 and Romans 1:16, 17 (see part 22), to help you understand how you can love the Mormons at our door. Five Principles for sharing with a Mormon: Be relational Be patient Be courageous Be prepared Be dependent on the Holy Spirit Be Relational: Most Mormons who […] Read More


Part 22 Scriptural support for sharing with Mormons

Here are two important questions to remember when sharing with Mormons. 1. Who is the battle against? Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” This passage should […] Read More


Part 21 Starting a conversation with missionaries

I will finish my Mormonism series by talking about conversational tactics.  These strategies will be useful when speaking with Mormons or anyone else that doesn’t agree with Christianity.  The content I will share is simply good people skills, something too many Christians lack when discussing spiritual issues.  I hope the next few posts will be […] Read More


The Truth about the Galileo Trial

Image via WikipediaThe Truth about the Galileo TrialMany non-Christians try to use the Galileo trial as a means to show how faith and science are in conflict.  Historically, it was the Christian worldview that provided the foundation for science to prosper.  Many of the early great scientists were Christians, committed to discovering how God created […] Read More

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Once you present your strong Biblical case for God the Father not having a physical body, they may say… I Believe the Bible as far as it has been translated correctly. When any Mormon makes this statement they really mean anything that contradicts my beliefs, the Bible must have not been translated correctly.  For many […] Read More


Part 19 Was the cause personal or impersonal

Arguing for the Existence of God Now we have finally reached the final step of the Kalaam Cosmological argument.  Last post we established the universe had to have a cause.  Now we can ask… 3.  Was the Cause Personal or Impersonal? A.  Cause was impersonal (event causation) When something happens, we call that an event.  […] Read More


The next couple of posts I will look at possible responses to the Biblical case I developed against God the Father having a physical body. God met Moses face to face so therefore He must have a body. Mormons contend God the Father must have a body becauseMoses met with God face to face. They […] Read More


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